What Can Norstrat Products Do For Your Business?

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NORSTRAT International, based in Canada, is the leading provider of thermal spray coatings. Their mission is to provide customers with the highest quality coatings at the lowest prices. They are constantly upgrading manufacturing techniques to produce the best possible coatings at competitive prices.

Mr. Carson has been a long time member of Canada s leading aerospace and defense industry, with a lifetime passion for everything polar.

It was necessary to develop a comprehensive oil spill response plan.

Today, Canada is home to one of the largest mineral export facilities in the world. Some of this is in remote northern Canada, yet the Canadian oil patch is located in Kitimatz, New Brunswick.

As the northern strategy for the Canadian mining industry developed, it became evident that the flagpole was simply not sufficient. The new approach needed a monitoring system, with a centralized location for all of the systems, including on-site diesel generators.

Part of this strategy involved the development of a sustainable forestry and fishing sector. This sector has been responsible for much of the increase in tourism that has recently come about in Northern Canada.

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