What Does Abo Mean On TikTok? Abow Meaning In Urban Dictionary And Latest Trend Explained

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There is a trend of use of unique words Abo, Abow or Avow on TikTok? What does these words actually mean?

Abow or Avow is a latest slang.

Every day, there are numerous words or songs catching peopel’s attention and, thus, going viral. Now, it’s the turn of the words Abo, which is also written as Abow or Avow.

This strange yet catch word has made it to the trending list after many social media users especially TikTokers started using it. 

What Does Abo Mean On TikTok?

Abo meaning on TikTok seems to be express emotions of people.

There is even a hashtag for Abo on TikTok which has amassed more than 500 milion views. Similarly, the Abow hastag has over 55 million views.

According to Sports Keeda, this word or the song used in TikTok has been retrived from the song called Throw It Back, which is sung by emerging musical artists ShantiiP and TarioP.

The above mentioned song was publicized on the YouTube platform on December 26, 2021 and within a month, the music video managed to gain over 160k views, which is truly incredible.

The Throw It Back song lyrics goes like this: He told me Throw It back abow. And, the word abow could be heard countless times in the mentioned song.

@aanonymous.soundzz Spam “aboww” in the comments ?#fyp #fypシ #viral #sound #actives #likes #viralvideo #foryou #abow #newsound #herewego ♬ original sound – Sounds

Abow Meaning In Urban Dictionary And Latest Trend Explained

There are many meanings written of Abow in the Urban Dictionary.

The first meaning posted in April 2021 by the user called Tjo katt bre is swedish slang used in the suburbs and it generally means like woww or damn.

There is also a sentence or example to better present the word and back it associated with the above meaning in the Urban dictionary. Did you see that game last night? Abow it was crazy! This is how the above word is expressed in the sentence. 

As per the above meaning, abow expresses strong emotions.

@honeydewedhideaway #abow #aboww #abowww #abowwwwww #honeydewedhideaway #fyp ♬ original sound – Kentrell?

Likewise, there are also other several meanings listed there. As per Niya The Baddest’s post, she noted Abow means the saying used by Milwaukee people when are they getting lit.

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