What Happened To Vita Rapper Now? Is LaVita Raynor On Drugs?

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What Happened To Vita Rapper Now? Here is everything you need to know about the whereabouts and how abouts of the renowned American rapper and actress. 

LaVita Raynor, professionally recognized as Vita Rapper or just Vita, is an American actress and rapper who is recognized for her multitalented personality.

From her role as DMX’s partner Kionna in the movie Belly to her amazing songs like Down 4 you, We Murderers Baby, and others, she has gained a lot of popularity and fame.

However there are still few things that is making her seems different from the media, which include the cases of drug addiction and the comments of many renowned people about that matter.

Whatever the cases are, she is gaining a lot of public curiosity and has become a great matter of concern.

Indeed, concerns regarding her current condition, age, net worth, drug abuse, and related matters are rising all over the web.

What Happened To Vita Rapper Now?

Well, nothing specific has happened to Vita Rapper now because she is pretty much going on with her life.

Looking at her social handles, she is going to concerts and performing very well. She is also pretty good with acting and has a decent career going on.

However, a few things are happening that are concerning and roaming around her.

Recently, rapper Fat Joe commented on Vita by using a few words that might not be totally acceptable to the public. He said that she is a B***h who lives in a crackhouse.

Well, he meant to indicate her possible drugs issues, but still, people are upset with this.

However, not everybody is upset because a few people are even backing him up regarding this matter, which includes the renowned rapping personality 50 Cent.

Vita Rapper Age: How Is The Rapper?

The age of rapper and acting personality Vita Rapper is 39 years old now.

She was born on September 25, 1981, in Plainfield, New Jersey, United States.

She became an actress at a young age; indeed, she was just a teenager when she worked in the movie Belly, in 1998.

Vita Rapper Net Worth Explored

The net worth of rapping star and actor Vita Rapper is expected to be somewhere about $500,000.

As a renowned actress, rapper, and social personality, she surely has earned a net worth of about half a million dollars, until now.

Is Vita Rapper On Drugs?

Well, we do not have any precise information or evidence to prove this, but as per public observation, Vita Rapper is on drugs sometimes.

As mentioned earlier, she was called a slur word living in a crackhouse indicating her drug use.

Hence, a lot of people do believe that Vita is on drugs. However, she might currently be getting out of it, or at least she might be doing something to get over it.

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