What Illness Does Maya Oakley Have? Everything To Know About Michelle Oakley Daughter

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As Maya Oakley fought a severe illness in 2020, Dr. Oakley Yukon Vet fans are curious about her health update. Here are all the details to know more about her well-being.

Maya Oakley is a famous name for those who love animals and watches Dr. Oakley Yukon Vet. She is the middle child of the famous Veterinarian Dr. Michelle Oakley.

Dr. Oakley Yukon Vet is a television series that follows Dr. Michelle Oakley, who runs an animal clinic out of her home and does home visits to cure the animals. Maya has also appeared on the show where she helps her mother take care of the animals.

What Illness Does Maya Oakley Have?

Maya Oakley doesn’t have any illness now, but she did suffer from COVID around June 2020.

She is healthy now and is not suffering from any major illness. Maya’s mother, Dr. Michelle Oakley, shared a TikTok video on her Instagram where she celebrated her daughter’s graduation just after a few weeks of her surviving COVID.

Looking at the hashtags on the post, it appears that Maya was severely ill because of COVID.

She seems to be fine now, doing better health-wise. She also recently posted a photo on her Instagram where she looked fit and gorgeous.

Michelle Oakley Daughter Age

Michelle Oakley’s daughter, Maya Oakley, is 23 years old. She was born on December 2, 1998.

Maya was born in Canada, but she has dual US citizenship as her mother is from America.

Maya attended the University of Western Ontario and graduated in the year 2020.

Maya Oakley wants to be a vet like her mother, as her mother has always inspired her.

We can also see her love for animals in the show, and she will become a great vet if she decides to embark on that journey.

Maya Oakley Siblings And Boyfriend

Maya Oakley has two siblings, and both of them are her sisters. Her elder sister is Sierra Oakley, who also appears on the show helping her mother.

Her younger sister is, Willow Oakley, has been seen the least on the show. Her mother, Michelle, revealed that she likes to keep herself away from the camera and reality show stardom.

Maya Oakley is currently single and doesn’t have a boyfriend. She has kept her relationship under the wraps. She has also not posted anything related to her relationship on her Instagram.

We can find Maya on Instagram under the username @mayaoakleyy. She has a fan following of over 20k, where she mainly posts photos of herself.

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