What Is Reddit’s Credible Defense: Why Is r/noncredibledefense Trending?

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Reddit Credible Defense discussion community has been trending following the Ukraine-Russian war. 

Reddit is one of the most popular social news aggregation and discussion websites. Millions of users have used the platform to share their views.

With the ongoing Russian-Ukraine war, a community named Credible Defense has been a central discussion place for many.

What Is Reddit’s Credible Defense?

Reddit Credible Defense is a community on Reddit. Also, called a subreddit, it was created exactly on August 9, 2013.

It is dedicated to collating articles and opinion pieces relating to national security issues.

According to its details on Reddit, the opinions and pieces shared are not necessarily US-centric. But one can also relate to other countries.

The purpose as described in the communities’ about section is to make learning more accessible.

The community’s main aim is to bring a better public understanding of such related topics.

As of now, the Credible Defense community has a total of 48.9 thousand members. Every minute there are more than 100 members are seen active.

Why Is r/noncredibledefense Trending?

r/noncredibledefense is currently trending because it shares issues about the Russian-Ukraine war.

On March 6, 2022, an issue titled “Is the Ukraine war the first test of “globalism” as method for deterrence and resolution?” has been shared.

In the given issue, the publisher “u/SerendipitySue” has posted his views on the war and globalism.

The user has said: “With Ukraine, dependency on Russian oil prevents blocking the oil and delays the economic punishment that is desired. A negative.”

“On the positive. if the world was NOT interdependent..sanctions would not have much effect.”

He has further stated: “The many countries could not effectively “punish” Russia. To me, China treads carefully because they too are tied economically to the west. I do not consider them a friend to the west. Yet in this war. they are staying on the sidelines (as far as I know)”

Continue the link to read about the issue.

Introducing /r/NonCredibleDefense!

r/noncredibledefense is a new community introduced for Defence Themed Shitposting, as mentioned on its Reddit discussion.

The community has a total of 52.1 thousand defense experts as a member. Out of which more than 2 thousand are in defense residence.

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