What is Steve Will Do It’s net worth? NELK boys member gifts David Dobrik a brand new Tesla

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Full-time YouTube prankster Steve Deleonardis, aka Steve Will Do It, is finally ready to end his beef with fellow YouTuber David Dobrik. The former surprised the 25-year-old with a Tesla Model Y, which Dobrik will own alongside his Model X.

In March 2021, Steve Will Do It called Dobrik a ‘c**t b**ch’ and a ‘p***y’ for doing ‘sponsored’ giveaways. Dobrik gained popularity online after gifting fellow Vlog Squad members luxurious cars from the money he earned through his YouTube sponsorships.

The video of the 23-year-old gifting David Dobrik a Tesla is available on Steve Will Do It’s YouTube channel. Dobrik also uploaded a video to the platform in collaboration with his former hater on the same day.

In Steve Will Do It’s video, he said:

“I kind of wanted to squash the beef because there’s actually no beef. The only interaction I ever had with [you] was actually a very pleasant one. I don’t want my fans to actually be mean to you.”

Steve Will Do It proceeded to escort Dobrik to the driveway where the latter’s new Tesla Model Y awaited.

Dobrik burst into excitement and jokingly said:

“I’m so glad you’ve been making fun of me for the past couple of months because now I’ve got a brand new car.”

What is Steve Will Do It’s Net Worth?

Stephen Deleonardis was born in Oviedo, Florida. He started uploading challenge videos on Instagram under the username SteveWillDoIt. In May 2019, he shifted from Instagram to YouTube to upload content of a similar nature.

Initially, the content creator uploaded videos of him consuming massive amounts of food, alcohol, and cannabis. He now creates challenge videos like ‘I bailed my fans out of jail,’ ‘I raced my Lamborghini for $200,000,’ and the latest video being him gifting Dobrik his new Tesla.

According to Exact New Worth, Steve Will Do It is estimated to be worth $1.5 million this year. It has been reported that the YouTuber makes a daily revenue of $2500 from the video-sharing platform. Social Blade estimates that the content creator makes anywhere between $29.1k to $466.3k in a year.

Steve Will Do It rose to popularity online after becoming a member of the public prank channel NELK Entertainment. He has appeared on the channel several times, with his most popular video, ‘Fake Security At Hollywood’s Hottest Night Club Prank,’ being uploaded in May 2019.

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