What to Wear to Your First Rave

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So, you’ve finally bought tickets to your first rave! You’re ready to dance til you drop with your fellow ravers, but first you’ve got to focus on finding the perfect outfit to wear. If you’re nervous about what to wear, fear not! We’re here to help with some tips on how to style the best rave outfits. Whether you’re a first-timer, or a veteran raver, you’ll love these rave fashion hacks. 

Show Off Your Style

While it might be intimidating to choose an outfit for your first rave, don’t be afraid to let your fashion freak flag fly! Choose pieces that suit your personal style: whether it be bold patterns, neon colors, or tons of mesh overlay. Your first rave is also a great opportunity to wear clothing you wouldn’t normally wear. So, if you’ve been nervous about trying out certain styles, like booty shorts, or accessorizing with a harness belt, now’s the perfect time to try them. The bottom line: Wearing what you love to your first rave will make you feel more comfortable, so you can look great while feeling great!  

Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Once you’ve picked what clothes you’re going to wear to your first rave, you have another important style choice to consider: what accessories you’ll choose! One great way to stand out at your first rave is by accessorizing with body glitter and gems. Apply a body glitter to your cheeks, arms, and chest to sparkle wherever you go. There are even some body glitters that glow in the dark, for all your nighttime rave needs. To make your face shine, try out face gems, which are rhinestones applied directly to the face. Face gems can be applied freestyle in any design you choose, or you can go for a pack with a preset design, like a forehead crown or eyelash gems. 

You’ve Got Sole

Don’t forget to pick shoes that suit your rave outfit. There are a variety of footwear options for your first rave. A rule of thumb? Leave the heels at home. Since you’ll be on your feet for a good amount of time, opt for a pair of shoes with a sturdy sole, so you save yourself the aching arches later. If you don’t feel like sneakers are your style, you can wear a pair of combat boots, which give off an edgier, more stylized look. Or, if you’re looking for more height, try a pair of platform boots. With the right fitting footwear, you’ll be able to step into your first rave ready to dance for hours on end. 

Glow in the Dark

Wearing clothes that glow in the dark is a unique way to stand out at your first rave. When the lights get low, everyone will be able to see the amazing look you’re in. Another great light-up option is wearing holographic clothing that will change color depending on the light shined on it. There are also reflective rave clothes, which come in colors like bright white and various neon shades that appear brighter when exposed to the flash of a camera. Whichever option you choose for your first rave, you’ll be glowing all day and night long!

Break Out Your Bandanas for Festival Season

If you’re headed to your first rave at an outdoor festival, consider wearing a bandana or face mask that matches your rave outfit. It’ll help protect your face from getting covered in all the dust being kicked up by you and your fellow ravers as you dance to your favorite EDM beats. 

Share Some Kandi

“Kandi” is the name for brightly colored pony bead jewelry worn by ravers. These bracelets and necklaces are typically homemade and are traded by ravers to spread P.L.U.R. (aka Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect – the four principles of rave culture). By making and sharing kandi with your fellow attendees you’ll look cute, and likely meet new people who can become long-lasting rave friends. 

Pack It Up

When attending your first rave, you’ll want to have all your belongings safe in one place, so you don’t have to worry about losing them when dancing your heart out. If you plan on bringing anything to a rave, carry it in a small fanny pack or backpack. That way, you’ll keep your possessions close, and avoid the risk of your keys, wallet, or phone disappearing into the depths of the mosh pit. Plus, if you bring a backpack that matches your rave outfit, you’ve got another way to accessorize.

Whatever outfit you decide to wear to your first rave, you’re bound to have an amazing time. When styling your first rave outfit, it’s important to choose clothing that you feel comfortable in, and that can stand the test of dancing for hours on end. What do you plan to wear to your first rave? 

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