What we know about suspected FedEx shooter Brandon Scott Hole

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According to NBC News, Brandon Scott Hall is suspected of shooting at the FedEx Ground facility in Indianapolis.

Indianapolis — Brandon Scott Hall is suspected of shooting at the FedEx Ground facility in Indianapolis. The 19-year-old house was searched by a federal agent early Friday morning.

The hall was a former employee of the facility. FedEx spokesman Bonnie Harrison released information on Friday. She said company officials couldn’t speculate on the motives, but worked closely with investigators.

Police said he was last hired in 2020.

13 Investigates learned that Hall had previously encountered police during a 2020 mental health call. In March 2020, a behavioral unit was summoned to his home by a report of a man who expressed suicidal ideation. The unit encountered a hole in which it purchased a shotgun within 24 hours of the call.

The action unit immediately detained him and took the hall to the hospital. Police also confiscated his gun at that time, which was not returned.

FBI Special Investigator Paul Keenan has issued a statement regarding the case:

“In March 2020, the suspect’s mother contacted law enforcement agencies and reported that she may have attempted” suicide by cop “. The suspect was placed in temporary detention for mental health, which was immediately detained by the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department. Shotguns were confiscated in his residence. He was interviewed by the FBI in April 2020, based on what was then observed in the suspect’s bedroom. No racially motivated violent extremism (RMVE) ideology was identified during the evaluation process, and no criminal violations were found. The shotgun was not returned to the suspect. “

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