Which Was a Real “Star Wars” Based Breakfast Cereal Sold in the 1980s?

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Do want to know Which Was a Real “Star Wars” Based Breakfast Cereal Sold in the 1980s? Question answer, Read here to know the right guide.


Presented by Kellogg’s in 1984, C-3PO’s were like Cheerios in appearance, despite the fact that they were formed like the numeral eight. TV plugs included C3P0 and his trusty companion, R2D2 occupied with different intergalactic experiences with a bowl of crunchy grain bits in every case close nearby. Each crate incorporated some type of film collectible, like stickers of the film’s characters.

Sadly, even with quite possibly the most unmistakable robots in history as a pitchman, it wasn’t sufficient to veil the way that C-3PO’s were an unsweetened grain that didn’t bid enough to the sugar-dependent young people of our planet.

Answer to the inquiry “Which was a genuine “Star Wars” based breakfast grain sold during the 1980s?”


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