Who Is Chris Fletcher From Love And Marriage Huntsville? Everything You Need To Know

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Realtor and former military personal Chris Fletcher are now on Love And Marriage Huntsville, as a reality Tv star. Here is everything you need to know about him. 

Christopher Fletcher is a renowned American real estate agent, former military personnel, and a reality tv star who is recognized for being part of the show Love And Marriage Huntsville.

Popular known as the man of the community and a social person, the works Chris does are indeed dedicated to people and society.

Chris became a real estate agent for making things easy for people living in not-so-urban areas by helping them to buy and sell their properties.

Selecting a suitable for people according to their choices and conditions is what he does and he is great at doing that.

As a former military veteran in the United States Army, he has learned a lot to help and support people and he is doing a similar thing even with different career choices.

Now, with his appearance in different a reality Tv show, people are surely eager to find out more about his personal life and matters regarding his wife, age, net worth, and many more.

Who Is Chris Fletcher On Love And Marriage Huntsville? His Age Explored

The age of Love And Marriage Huntsville cast Chris Fletcher is about 50 years old.

Well, his exact age or date of birth is not revealed yet but we have estimated his age on the basis of his appearance and the experience he has gathered.

As a former military veteran and a current realtor who has worked for years, he is surely aged over 50 years by now.

Talking about his journey through the show, he is a part of the show with his wife and he is considered a good person there, with genuine suggestions for people around him.

Chris Fletcher Net Worth Explored: How Rich Is He?

The net worth of reality Tv star and real estate agent Chris Fletcher is about $500,000.

As a former military agent, a current recognized real estate agent, and a reality Tv star, he has surely gathered a net worth of about half a million dollars.

However, this is not a value revealed by Chris himself, but it is an accurate assumption.

Who Is Chris Fletcher Wife Nell?

Real Estate Agent and reality TV star Chris Fletcher is married to this wife Nell for quite some time now.

Well, when they got married and how long have they actually been together is still a mystery, but they have surely spent a decent amount of time together.

They are even together in the show and they are helping their friends on the show to grow, even if it is not wiring properly.

There is not even any information regarding if they have any children together or not. Well, they might have some children, but there is yet no information about that.

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