Who Is Dymondsflawless Dad And What Does He Do? YouTuber Exposed On Instagram

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Dymondsflawless Dad became famous after he scolded her daughter while he was live on Instagram. Learn what we know about him.

Dymond Charleston, better known by her online moniker dymondsflawless, is a very gifted YouTuber with a large following because of her diversified material.

She is a dancer, fashion and lifestyle blogger, and joker, thus her YouTube work is always entertaining to watch.

Not to add, she is quite attractive and gorgeous, which contributes to the popularity of her try-on-haul films.

Who Is Dymondsflawless Dad And What Does He Do? 

Dany Charleston is the father of Dymondsflawless. He really loves his daughter and always got her back.

Her father really caught the attention of her fans after a video of him scolding Dymondsflawless went viral.

Information bout her father is scarce so we don’t know what he does professionally.

Dymondsflawless is very close to her father, as seen by the fact that she highlighted him in her YouTube video.

Her father lavished adulation on her daughter in a video dubbed DAD TAG, claiming that she was the finest child ever.

Who are Dymondsflawless Parents?

Only one of Dymondsflawless parents has been introduced to the public. Her mother has kept herself hidden away from all the social media attention.

She had a loving family that supported her throughout her upbringing.

She was constantly encouraged to pursue her passions. Her family’s support has given her confidence in her life choices, and her achievement speaks for itself.

Dymondsflawless was born in Connecticut, the United States. She is of African-American ancestry and of American nationality.

She has been posting cosmetic lessons and prank videos on her YouTube account @dymondsflawless since she was a child. She rose to prominence as a result of this tiny action, which she took at a young age.

You can’t control life you can only live your life

Models: @dymondsflawlesss Shot by: @fwayproductions

— FWAY PRODUCTIONS (@fwayproductions) December 31, 2018

Who is Dymondsflawles’s Boyfriend?

Dymondsflawles is in a relationship with her YouTube co-star boyfriend, King Cid. He is also fairly well-known, with over 851k followers.

Dymond has no qualms about showing her affection for King Cid by posting pictures of them on her Instagram account. The duo is charming and appears to have a promising future together.

In terms of previous relationships, she once dated a man named Khari.

Dymond had not been particularly discreet about her connection.

She likes to be direct and upfront since she is aware that she is a well-known social media personality, and as a result, many people are curious about their real-life activities, which primarily involve young people.

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