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If you haven’t listened to or acknowledged Elizabeth Huberdeau, then you aren’t an enthusiast of WWE. Elizabeth Huberdeau is the previous partner of famous John Cena; she is an actual property developer and a business lady. She wasn’t well-known now, not till she married Cena; her nickname is Liz Cena.

No one understood that Cena would get mated to Elizabeth; he announced at some point of a merchandising of his film “12 rounds” he said, “I’m gonna get coupled this year.”

Things flip round to work fine; on July 11, 2009, they received married, and their wedding was once a beautiful one; they spent time together, and Elizabeth Huberdeau usually assisted her hubby.

In May 2012, the desk grew to become throughout. After three years of becoming married, John Cena Filed for separation; the cause for their divorce was that they had a fight regarding the redesigning of their house, and the whole lot was once closed in July.

Presently, Elizabeth Huberdeau is regarded as the Ex-wife of John Cena.

John Cena

John Cena is an American expert fighter, star, rapper, and tv presenter. He used to be well-known for his various characters in WWE, and he was once the saga of WWE. He was once born on 23 rd April 1977.

The Net Worth of John Cena’s Ex-Wife

How wealthy is Elizabeth Huberdeau? As of the beginning of 2018, references consider an internet well worth over $3 million, earned via progress in her a range of efforts. 

Her net worth improved substantially throughout her wedding due to her ex-husband’s assets, valued at $55 million. Hence, they had a prenuptial settlement that meant she would not share any of his money after the divorce. As she maintains her efforts, it is anticipated that her wealth will proceed to improve.

Relationship Of Elizabeth and John 

According to some references, it has been stated that Elizabeth and John had been excessive faculty fanatics, and they each met collectively in any of these until now cited schools. But the tale in the back of the beginning and improvement of their involvement has not been revealed by using any of them to the common domain.

After a relationship so many years and understanding every difference, the lovers eventually married collectively on eleventh July 2009. The pair have exchanged their wedding ceremony promises in their domestic city Massachusetts.

After Elizabeth has married John Cena, she modified her identity to Liz Cena. In this title, she was once additionally very famous as well. The couple appeared to end up inseparable. They constantly collectively at every occasion. Liz additionally offers up her profession to assist her hubby and go with him something he needs.

In May 2012, after giving three lovely years of happy married life, Liz eventually filed for divorce. Still, the cause at the back of this divorce was once nonetheless unfamiliar. 

But matters have started to flip upside down, and that name of their relationship in the course of promoting the film 12 Rounds. When John Cena was introduced to notify society that he used to be married this year.

John Cena stated that the cause in the back of this divorce was once a battle regarding redesigning their house. Liz and her attorney mentioned that John has cheated on Liz in so many instances, and he often dated several women, and he additionally has an extramarital affair. Eventually, their divorce has ended on 18th July 2012.

Through their long-time relationship, however, short-time wedding, Liz hasn’t had any teenagers alongside her hubby John Cena, as he didn’t want any baby. He solely desires a small household of two, solely he and his partner.

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