Who Is Genie Delisee? Did Instagram Star Genie Exum Stab Her Boyfriend? Podcast Reveal

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Instagram star Genie Delise aka Genie Exum stabbed her boyfriend last year. Find out full details on the incident and the IG model in the article below.

Genie Exum went viral last year following her controversial assault case. She allegedly stabbed her boyfriend after the couple argued.

However, the charges were dropped after her boyfriend decided to withdraw all the charges. Following her release, she immediately took on social media and shared her OnlyFans on Twitter.

Who Is Genie Delisee?

Genie Delisee is an Instagram model who went viral on social media. The IG model went viral last year after she shared her OnlyFans account.

She was arrested for stabbing her boyfriend but was released after her arraignment in Manhattan Criminal Court. Right after her release, she shared a photo of herself flashing her breasts in front of an NYPD police vehicle.

Then, she shared her OnlyFans account on Twitter.

We hope to update more information as soon as possible.

Did Instagram Star Genie Exum Stab Her Boyfriend?

Yes, Genie Exum stabbed her boyfriend, Babyboy Palujas with a kitchen knife during a fight. The Instagram star stabbed him in the back and arm after a fight broke out between them in her Midtown pad.

According to reports, Palujas was bleeding when he rushed to the lobby alarming the doorman of the incident. The police were immediately called and the victim was taken to Bellevue Hospital for medical treatment.

However, the IG star was released without bail. Although it was a violent crime and the prosecutors asked her to be charged with second-degree assault, she was released after her boyfriend withdrew all charges.

The Manhattan Criminal Court did issue a full order for the protection of the victim which required Exum to stay away from her partner.

Meet Genie Delisee On Instagram

Genie Delisee who also goes by the name Genie Exum is available on Instagram under the username @genie.exum.

The Instagram star has accumulated 81.2k followers on her verified account and follows 386 accounts on the platform. She has shared 110 posts and often updates her followers via IG stories.

We can also find her on Twitter where her handle is @genieexum. She has around 35k followers and has shared more than 13.6k tweets so far. Exum joined the platform in November 2016 and follows 610 accounts.

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