Who is Georgia Steel? Everything you need to know about the Love Island star

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Remember in 2018 when Love Island was on and Georgia Steel entered the villa alongside Rosie Williams and mixed things up?

She coupled up with Josh Denzel but was left broken hearted when he returned from Casa Amor with bombshell Kaz Crossley.

Georgia quickly got over him though and moved on with Sam Bird and the pair even moved in together after leaving the villa but it didn’t end well…

Anyways, since then she’s gone on to star on a couple of reality TV shows but what else has she been doing? We’ve had a little look…

Who is Love Island’s Georgia Steel?

Before entering the villa in 2018, Georgia was a student.

How old is Georgia Steel?

The reality star celebrated her 22nd birthday during lockdown.

Where’s Georgia from?

York, hun.

What’s Georgia’s relationship history, then?

Former Love Islanders Wes Nelson and Georgia Steel couple up for a sizzling summer shoot as they launch a Samsung competition to win tickets to this year’s Love Island live final. Samsung are the official Love Island phone partner, and have provided all islanders with Galaxy S10+ devices to power those all-important ‘I’ve got a text!’ moments.

She says, “My first ever relationship was quite young, I was 15 to 18 (years old) and we were together nearly three years. We met each other young so when we grew into adults we grew apart.

“Fortunately there were no hard feelings, I moved away, it was never complicated, we both came to a decision that it wasn’t working. He’s very, very different to me, I felt like he couldn’t really handle me because I’m a bundle of fun and he was much more reserved.

“Since moving to London, I let my hair down a bit and dated a few guys and had a bit of fun but nothing serious. Now I’m looking for something more serious.”

What happened with Georgia and Sam Bird?

Georgia and Sam Bird beat all the odds and actually stayed together for three months which is quite a long time for some Islanders.

However weeks after moving in together, it appeared that Georgia wasn’t so “loyal” after all because Sam announced they had split and confessed it was due to her ex-boyfriend.

And despite going round to her ex-boyfriend’s house and spending the night, Georgia insisted that she slept in another room and nothing happened.

Fast forward a couple of months and they had an explosive showdown during the Love Island reunion episode where Georgia continued to insist she was “loyal”.

Did Georgia kiss Jack Fowler?

Err, huns how could you not know the answer to that?

After Georgia went on a date with BFF Laura Anderson’s man Jack Fowler, she kissed him at the end of the date and didn’t tell anyone about it…

Jack was quick to tell Laura and when Georgia was confronted she denied it. Even after seeing the footage herself, Georgia told her pal, “Oh Laura babe you know me if I had remembered it that way I would have told you. I’m sorry babe, I’m sorry. I love you darling.”

Are Georgia and Callum still together?

After one month of filming for Ex on the Peak, Georgia got engaged to her co-star Ibiza Weekender’s Callum Izzard. Unfortunately it didn’t last and the reality stars apparently split seven months later.

What is Georgia doing now?

Georgia is doing what the rest of the Islanders are – going on holiday, posting ads on Instagram and she’s an ambassador for I Saw It First.

How can I follow Georgia Steel on Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat?

Follow Georgia on Instagram over @geesteele.

She’s also on Twitter @georgia_steel.

What shows has Georgia been on?

After leaving Love Island she went on to star on Love Island’s Christmas reunion show, Celebs on The Ranch, Celebs Go Dating and Ex on the Peak.

Have I seen Georgia anywhere before? Is she already famous?

Nope, though she did once date a celeb-type. Georgia says, “I went on a date with someone famous – but a girl doesn’t tell her secrets. He was quite into me. But I let that go.

“All I’ll say is they had famous relatives. I’m very out there but when it comes to my private life I’m quite reserved.”

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