Who Is Hamza Lavezzi? More To Know About Drake Wife Trainer

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What Is Hamza Lavezzi age? His real age has not been surfaced yet to the general public. Follow the article to find out more about Drake’s wife’s trainer and fitness guide.

Hamza is a gym coach and the personal trainer of Sophie Brussaux.

Sophie is the mother of the famous music sensation Drake’s baby. She also used to perform adult films but now has retired for a long time. Hamza can be seen training Sophie on her social media sites such as Instagram and Twitter.

Hamza Lavezzi’s Age

Hamza Lavezzi has not opened up details about his age.

By his appearance, he seems to be fit and in his mid-30s. But the conformed age has not been revealed yet.

Likewise, his physical appearance, such as his height, is not known. He does not seem to be so tall; he is relatively short.

We can assume that he is probably under 5 feet and 5 inches tall in height.

Hamza Lavezzi Wikipedia: Drake Wife Trainer

Lavezzi does not have his bio featured on the Wikipedia site yet.

The reason for his absence on Wikipedia, he has not received much popularity as of now.

However, Hamza is a certified coach who is a trainer and teacher at the Street Fight Training Academy.

Moreover, it is confirmed that he hails from France. But his nationality has not been confirmed to be French as he is not a permanent resident there.

He is not originally from France. Hamza is probably an Islamic name.

Unfortunately, his ethnicity has not been discovered yet. Assuming his Islamic name, ancestors might be from the middle east.

Hamza Lavezzi Girlfriend

There is no accurate detail of Hamza’s girlfriend and his love life.

We are unknown of his partner or his wife if he is married. When it comes to his personal life, not much is known about it.

Even on his Instagram and other social sites, there are no hints of his relationship status.

What Is His Net Worth?

The confirmed net worth of Hamza has not been surfaced yet.

Hopefully, he has a good net worth from his career as a professional trainer and fitness coach.

Meanwhile, her apprentice, Sophie, has bagged a huge net worth of probably $2 million – $5 million.

Hamza Instagram Account

Hamza is available on Instagram as @hamzalavezzi.

He posts a lot about his training events and with his apprentices.

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