Who Is Joanne Laidley? Inside Dean Laidley Married Life And Children

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Dean Laidley is a 55 years former Australian rules football coach and player born on the 27th of March 1967 in Western Australia, Australia.

The athlete who played for the West Coast Eagles and North Melbourne in AFL from 1987 to 1997 is now known as Ms. Dani Laidley; she chose to be a woman.

Although she had felt confused about her gender at the young age of six, she got diagnosed with gender dysphoria in 2017 and transitioned from male to female in 2020.

Who Is Dean Laidley’s Wife, Joanne Laidley?

Dean Laidley, now known as Dani Laidley after undergoing a gender transition to female, was married to her then-wife Joanne Laidley; however, they don’t seem to be together anymore.A picture of Dean with wife Joanne before he changed his gender.

Since Joanne has maintained a low profile, only incomplete information about her is available on the internet; what she does for a living and her whereabouts have remained a question mark.

The wife of the former Australian rules football coach/player might be living her life on her terms, minding her own business while not exposing her lifestyle to the public. She is inactive on social media as her account has no trace on Instagram. Furthermore, Laidley has also not made any posts about her on social networking sites.

How Old Is Joanne Laidley?

Joanne hasn’t revealed her age and date of birth to the media yet, so we are unsure how old she is; however, considering her lifestyle, she might be 45-55 years old.

As her partner, Dani, is now 55 years old, born in 1967, she might also be in her early 50s. But we are unsure when she will celebrate her birthday and turn a year older. The former athlete marks his birthday on the 27th of March every year under the astrological sign Aries.Dani is 55 but looks fresh and fabulous.

Although she has maintained a safe distance from the media eye, somesourceshave shared that Laidley holds Australian citizenship. Likewise, she grew up with her siblings and family, whose names and identities have remained a mystery.

Furthermore, they claim that her beloved mother was a homemaker and her proud father was a successful businessman, which is yet to confirm. Moreover, Laidley is an educated woman who attended a local private school in her hometown and worked in several financial institutions for a living.

Inside Dean Laidley’s Married Life With Wife

Dean, who prefers to get called Dani, has kept his married life inside closed curtains and hasn’t revealed any intel relating to her marital status to the public.

Assigned male at birth, the former athlete seems to have walked down the aisle with Joanne Laidley but hasn’t disclosed the date or location they took the wedding vows.Dani with her childhood sweetheart Donna Leckie at The Comic’s Lounge Comedy Club.

Dani transformed from a male to a female in 2020, and she appears to be engaged to her childhood sweetheart Donna Leckie with whom she studied primary and high school.

Thus, Laidley and her wife Joanne might have gone separate ways as she acknowledged her true self and moved on with someone new. They might have filed for divorce or already broken the commitment they once made to spend eternity together.

Meet Dean Laidley Children On Instagram

Dani seems to have gotten blessed with three children she welcomed with her ex-partner Joanne, Molly Laidley, Kane Laidley, and Brooke Laidley.Dani with her ex-partner and their children before her transformation.

Kane is a music enthusiast who seems to serve as a DJ and goes by the username@novakaneaus; he has made 22 posts on Instagram and accumulated 1.1k followers as of the 25th of August, 2022.The grown-up son of Dean/Dani Kane Laidley.

However, nothing about Molly and Brooke is known as they are not available on social networking sites, nor has the former athlete followed them on her social media; Laidley goes by the handle@daniellemaylaidley07and has made 65 posts.

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