Who is KingFace? Is The Instagram Influencer Hospitalised?

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Fans of Instagram Influencer KingFace are shocked as speculations about his health issues have surfaced on Twitter. Find out what happened to KingFace

KingFace is a popular Instagram influencer and a celebrated American Music artist. He gained a lot of popularity when he became one of the few vocal Trump supporters from the African-American community. However, many fans of the influencer were shocked and confused when speculations began spreading on Twitter claiming that KingFace was facing fatal health issues. Read on to find out what happened to KingFace?

What happened to KingFace?

When speculations about the American influencers health began spreading, many fans swarmed to Twitter and other social media platforms to express their concern. His followers also left comments on KingFace’s official Instagram account and his Twitter handle wishing him good health and voicing their prayers. On August 25, one of KingFace’s closest friend actor Isaiah Washington took to his twitter, thanking his fans for their support and love. He further claimed that at this time KingFace’s wife ‘asks for your continued support. love, and compassion’ and that his family needed privacy.

However, there was confusion amongst most fans who did not understand what had happened to the influencer. While it is still unclear, a twitter user posted pictures from Instagram comments. The Twitter user claimed that KingFace’s son had replied to him, claiming that KingFace was sick. The influencer’s son reportedly revealed that his illness could not be diagnosed yet, but he is having difficulty in breathing. It is not clear whether the internet personality is hospitalised or is being cared for at home. However, no official statement has been released by KingFace’s family yet.

Who is KingFace?

According to a report on The Epoch Times, KingFace was born Larry Henry, in Florida. When was merely 3 months old, his mother gave him to his father to raise. Soon after that he and his father moved to Brooklyn.

KingFace, who is now a public figure is based in Queens, New York. He is one of the oldest supporters of Donald Trump. The influencer has reportedly claimed that he was an ardent admirer of Trump since his real estate days, but, since Trump became the US President, KingFace started admiring his policies.

KingFace’s Instagram updates

KingFace has over 100,000 followers on his Instagram handle. He had recently appeared for The Candace Owens Show, hosted by the American author Candace Owen. He mostly posts pictures from the social events he attends with his colleagues. Here are some of the best posts from KingFace’s Instagram handle.

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