Who Is Melissa Lyne? Paul McDermott Wife -Everything On Her Family And More

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Melissa Lyne is the wife of Australian comedian Paul McDermott. Learn more about her life below.

Australian Melissa Lyne is the lawfully wedded wife of comedian Paul McDermott. 

Lyne’s husband is indeed a talented man was he has dabbled and succeeded in many professions in the entertainment industry.

Now, his latest special Plus One is available on Comedy Alstar Supershow.

Who Is Melissa Lyne? Paul McDermott Wife

Melissa Lyne is the lawfully wedded wife of comedian, singer, and television host Paul McDermott. 

According to the west, McDermott is referred to as a chilly-the elf, meaning someone who cannot love. Little do they know, he loves his family the most.

They are parents to a beautiful baby boy named Xavier.

The family of three is ofter out on beach days. The family even has a dog named Rosie that they love very much.

Moreover, he cemented his adoration for his family, saying that they are his most prized possession.

Currently, they reside in Perth.

And the greatest truck driver of the #ScienceCircus, Mick! #sqsc30

— Melissa Lyne (@malyne) November 19, 2015

How Old Is Melissa Lyne? Who Is Her Family?

Melissa Lyne’s age s a mystery. She is a very secretive person as she is not a celebrity. So details about her family and upbringing are tricky to find.

On the other hand, her husband is 59 years old. He grew up in the heart of Adelaide with his big family. 

Indeed, Paul is a multi-talented man, trying at writing, comedy, directing, and hosting. 

As a graduate of Canberra School of Art, one can expect nothing less.

Is Melissa Lyne On Instagram? Where Is She Now?

Unfortunately, Melissa Lyne is not on Instagram. 

Instead, you can follow her on her Twitter handle, @malyne. Here, she has a following of 300 people. 

According to her social media, she is a native of Sydney and hopes for a sustainable and kind future. 

She likes to keep her tweets professional, talking about things related to her work.

Indeed, the lady is an advocate for mental health and a clean and sustainable environment.

Prof Lesley Hughes details the shocking impacts of climate change on plants and animals. But #ClimateChange is not just an environmental problem. It affects society, the economy. She says it’s also an issue of inter-generational inequity #ClimateNeed2Know #Coral2019

— Melissa Lyne (@malyne) October 23, 2019

Melissa Lyne Net Worth Explored: What Does She Do?

As of 2021, the net worth of Melissa Lyne is still under review. She makes her living by working as a communication specialist.

According to our calculations, she makes about 46 thousand dollars annually.

Additionally, he is a part of the Coral Reef Studies as their media manager. From her social media, it’s evident that the project is dear to her.

She is particularly enthusiastic about protecting the environment and is out in seminars.

Connect with your audience in a way that matters. It’s harder than it sounds. @SafariPenguin talks effective communication for climate scientists at #AMOS2019

— Melissa Lyne (@malyne) June 11, 2019

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