Who Is Michael Sapountsis? Know About The Details Of The Husband Of Australian Chef Karen Martini

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Michael Sapountsis is the husband of famous Australian Chef Karen Martini. Let us get to know more about his Wikipedia and others in detail.

Michael Sapountsis has been associated with his wife since her inception in the food business.

He has been her constant source of support and motivation and has always held her hand whenever she was in trouble.

Michael Sapountsis Net Worth

The net worth of Michael Sapountsis is assumed to be under review but we have information about his partners wealth.

His wifes net worth is estimated to be around $3 million as they live in a lavish home in Melbourne with their daughters.

Their main source of income is through their business of restaurants and other eateries.

Apart from that, their involvement in various organizations and programs has also helped to garner quite an amount.

Michael Sapountsis: Husband Of Karen Martini

Michael Sapountsis is married to celebrity chef Karen martini but it is unknown when he became her husband.

They met each other at an early age and were deeply in love with each other which motivated them to tie the knot together.

Karen says that she met Micheal in a restaurant named St Kilda where he ran the floor and a bar

They have two daughters together whose name is Stella and Amber Sapountis who seem to have a few years of the age gap.

Age Of Michael Sapountsis

It is hard to find Michael Sapountsis age on the web as the information related to him is very sparse but he looks to be around 50-55 years old.

Apparently, his exact birth date is not available and we were unable to find his place of birth too.

Although we are not sure about his parents, they must be proud of him for whatever he has done in his life.

He seems to be a hardworking person and must have been hustling to gain success right from his early days.

Who Is Michael Sapountsis? Wikipedia Details

There are no exact details identifying Michael Sapountsis available as he does not have his bio featured on Wikipedia yet.

However, his wifes Wikipedia bio mentions him as her spouse but not many details about him are present there too.

He is presumed to have worked as a bartender during the initial days of his career as per this wife.

Then after in 2004 he opened a pizzeria called Mr. Wolf, along with his wife Karen, and has been running it since then.

Today, he supports his wife in whatever she does and is working as harder as she for the betterment of their establishment.

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