Who Is Missy Laws aka Charlotte Laws? Isanyoneup Website Takedown & Her Journey To Protect Women

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Charlotte Anne Laws is an American author and the woman who shut down the illegal website of The Most Hunted Man on The Internet, Hunter Moore.

Laws featured in the new streaming documentary for her contribution to taking down the website, which had posted the nude picture of the host daughter Kayla.

Besides this, she is a previous Los Angele politician and actress acknowledged with her stage name Missy Laws. She is a former member of BBC News and worked as a weekly broadcaster on KNBC-TV. She was the commentoer of The Filter show aling side Fred Roggin.

Who Is Missy Laws, Aka Charlotte Laws?

Charlotte is a 62-year-old American author and talk show host who has worked for animal rights. She is well-known as an anti-revenge activist who had fought for two years to expose the person behind the crime.

Further, Laws completed her high school in Atlanta, Georgia, at The Lovett School. Later, she joined Gainsville at the University of Florida and the University of Nevada in Las Vegas. In 1985, the advocate completed her bachelor’s degree in Theatre. Late in 1996, she graduated with a Philosophy degree from California State University Northridge.

Additionally, Laws graduated from the University of Southern California professional writing a master’s degree in professional writing in 1986. She later grasped social ethics degree in 1997. In 2000, the actress completed her Ph.D. in social ethics.

Previously, Laws was the co-host from 2008 to 2013 on the Internet show Every Way Women. Even the television personality hosted the local television show from 2007 to 2010 named Uncommon Sense.

Formerly, Laws emerged in Velly Glen, California, as part of the Greater Valley Gelen Council. In May 2006, the activist served on the city’s 912 commission which Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa appointed.

Isanyoneup Website Takedown By Charlotte Laws

Charlotte Laws helped in the takedown of Hunter Moore’s website, Isanyoneup. She is an abuse activist who worked to stop Moore.

After Laws found nude photos of her only child, Kayala, on the website, she battles with the user. As a result, she worked to pass a law against abuse in 48 states across the US. The new Netflix documentary featured the bravery of superhero Laws.

On July 27, 2022, the documentary The Most Hated Man On The Internet was released, which shows Charlotte’s two-year battle for justice for the victims.

Charlotte Anne Laws Net Worth Today

According to a few sources, Law’s net worth counts in millions. She has served on Neighborhoods Council Review Commission, and the former actress is the founder and president of two companies.

Laws handled organizations like The Directors of Animal Welfare (DAW) and the League for Earth and Animal Protection (LEAP). In 2006, she was honored with Los Angeles Animal Humanitarian Award.

Moreover, Laws started her acting career after studying at the Academy Theatre of Atlanta, Joe Bernard’s Acting Studio. In their late 20s, she emerged as a model and actress in various movies and television shows. In Los Angeles, at the stage of The Comedy Store, she performed as a stand-up comedian.

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