Who Is Nicolaas Bester Wife, Is Grace Tame Abusive Teacher Arrested?

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Who Is Nicolaas Bester Wife? In 2011, an elite Hobart school teacher Nicolaas Bester was sentenced to two years and ten months in prison for having sex with a 15-year-old girl up to 30 times.

Former St Michael’s Collegiate School science teacher Nicolaas Ockert Bester pled guilty to having sexual contact with a minor under 17.

Bester befriended her after learning that the victim, Grace Tame, was suffering from an eating issue.

Despite this, Bester and the girl started a sexual relationship, meeting at school, a friend’s house, and a Hobart hotel.

The two had intercourse between 20 and 30 times, with Bester communicating with the girl through fake profiles on the social networking site Facebook.

Learn more about the abuser and the victim in the article here. 

Who is Nicolaas Bester Wife?

Kim Baumeler, Bester’s lawyer, stated that his client’s connection with his family as well as his profession had been wrecked.

Bester’s wife had left him, she added, and his only contact with his children was now “acrimonious.”

In December 2017, Nicolaas gave a 17-minute interview to conservative commentator Bettina Arndt, who included Tame’s photo and real name in the video without her consent, which was a further breach.

In that video, Arndt refers to Grace’s actions as “sexually suggestive,” and she chuckles as she relates to Bester’s second offence of manufacturing child exploitation material, stating, “I can understand how easy this happens.”

Bester is shown as the victim in the YouTube video, while Grace is portrayed as the attacker.

“I lost everything, including my home… I lost my work, and I lost my social standing. I had completely lost everything. “It was a traumatic period for me,” Bester adds.

Nicolaas Bester Age 

Since there is no information about his exact birth date, we can only estimate the age of Bester. 

During the 2011 article, Nicolaas’s age was mentioned to be 58 years old. 

So in 2021, we can say that he might be 68 or 69 years old. 

Is Grace Tame’s Abusive Teacher arrested?

Tame, a dual-scholarship holder at Hobart’s St Michael’s Collegiate girls’ school, was diagnosed with anorexia in Year 10.

Her 58-year-old teacher lured her when she was 15 and then sexually abused her regularly.

Even though the school had many opportunities to intervene, Tame’s attacker continued to abuse her until she reported him.

Grace was arrested and convicted of “maintaining a sexual relationship with someone under the age of 17,” a crime that, according to Tame, needed to be renamed because of the deceptive usage of the word “relationship” for abuse in other countries.

He was also charged with having child pornography on his person. During Bester’s investigation, Ms Hartnett claimed, 28 photographs of child exploitation material were discovered on his computer.

Tame’s abuser had “betrayed the trust of the child’s parents and the trust of the school in an utterly blatant fashion,” according to Justice Helen Wood, who said Tame was “particularly vulnerable given her mental state.”

Her abuser “knew her psychological condition was precarious” and had “betrayed the trust of the child’s parents and the trust of the school in an utterly blatant fashion.

Tame had undiagnosed autistic spectrum disorder at the time of the abuse.

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