Who Is Pasquale Barbaro Wife Melinda Barbaro? Where Is She Now? Everything To Know

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Slain gangster Pasquale Barbaro’s wife Melinda Barbaro took a legal route to stop the screening of Channel 7’s new crime series Australian Gangsters, based on Pasquale’s life. 

Melinda Barbaro is the wife of late gangster Pasquale Barbaro, who was assassinated in the Earlwood shooting in 2016.

Pasquale was a notorious Sydney crime figure and was reportedly a part of the Calabrian mafia, according to ABC News.

His grandfather, cousin, and uncle were all named Pasquale Barbaro and had a reputation in the criminal underworld.

He was due to face a court trial for the production of crystal methamphetamine before his death. A crime journalist, Keith Moor, disclosed doubts about Pasquale being a police informant.

He also said he was probably assassinated for breaking the code of silence called ‘omerta.’ Police arrested a number of suspects in relation to his murder but his assailant has not been detained.

The exact cause of his assassination also remains undisclosed.

Who Is Pasquale Barbaro Wife, Melinda Barbaro? Wiki Bio

Pasquale Barbaro left behind his wife Melinda Barbaro and two children.

Melina is a businesswoman. Following Pasquale’s death, she disclosed that her late husband was a religious person.

He’d read the bible to his children and had a collection of religious statues. He was also apparently aware of impending death. He asked for $10,000 to buy an opulent mahogany coffin just a few days before his shooting.

He was gunned down by two hooded men in Earlwood.

Furthermore, Channel 7 has made a miniseries, Australian Gangster, based on his life. The series is set to release on September 13, 2021.

However, Melinda is not happy with the channel and show’s producer’s decision and is trying her best to stop its screening ahead.

She stated the show depicts a trashy portrayal of their lives. Mrs. Brabaro claimed that her husband was not a police informant and was not a part of any gang.

She further added that the two-part series will cause emotional trauma to their children who are still trying to come to terms with Pasquale’s death, reported Gold Coast Bulletin.

Melinda Barbaro Age & Family- Meet Her Two Kids

Melinda Barbaro, whose age is between 35-40, was a part of the infamous Barbaro family. She shared two kids with her late husband.

However, Melinda has kept heavily kept her children away from media scrutiny and is very protective of them.

It was for their mental peace she launched into a last-minute bid to stop Australian Gangster’s screening. She was horrified when she found out about the show via social media.

She claimed the show’s producers did not even notify her about it. She is worried that her kids’ friends will send them the movie as she cannot remove their laptops due to online classes.

They are sensitive about their father’s assassination and Melinda is afraid it will have a psychological impact on them.

What Is Melinda Barbaro Net Worth?

As of now, Melinda Barbaro’s net worth is not mentioned on any media channels.

She is a businesswoman and may make enough money to afford a comfortable lifestyle for her kids and herself.

Pasquale Barbaro probably had earned a lot of money in his career. But, his verified net worth is not yet disclosed.

Does Melinda Barbaro Have Instagram?

Melinda Barbaro does not have an Instagram account.

She is also not active on any social networking sites including Twitter and Facebook.

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