Who Is Ray Colon in Chippendales? Nick de Noia Murder by Steve Banerjee

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Ray Colon is a guy who was hired by the Chippendales founder, Steve Banerjee, to kill Nick De Noia. 

Ray Colon is a guy was has been a prime suspect in Nick De Noia, aka Nicholas John DeNoia Jr murder.

As per the Cinemaholic, in 1991, Ray hired a man named Gilberto Rivera to kill Nick De Noia, who was a renowned and successful American director and choreographer.

The Chippendales murders that happened many years ago have become the talk of the town at that time.

Keep reading this article to learn more about the arson attacks in the Chippendales in the 1980s.

Who Is Ray Colon? Is He Linked In Chippendales Murders?

Ray is a man from the US. He is known for his involvement in the horrifying murder of Nick.

As per Nick’s Wikipedia page, he was shot in the face with a large caliber pistol. He was sitting at his 15th-floor office desk at 264 West 40th Street, in Manhattan, near the garment district, on April 7, 1987, around 3:40 PM.

Somen “Steve” Banerjee Mastermind Behind The Nick De Noia Murder

After the investigation, Ray was arrested by the US police and agreed to cooperate with the cops.

During the trial, Ray stated that Steve was the mastermind behind the murder. Since Nick and Somen were having disputes, and he was angry about Nick’s success.

The law enforcement officers smartly handled the case and caught the criminal, Steve after a few months of investigation.

As per the source, Banerjee was an American founder of Chippendales. When his associate ray took his name behind Nick’s murder, Police handcuffed him in 1994.

The courts announced Banerjee to serve 26 years in prison. Just hours of his hearing, he hanged himself inside the cell. Perhaps, he was depressed. He might have thought to take his own life rather than spending the rest of his life in prison.

Where Is Ray Colon Now?

It’s not known about Ray’s whereabouts now. He was released from jail in 1996 based on some online sources.

Due to his cooperation with the cops, the court decided to reduce two and a half years of imprisonment. He was freed from prison after serving years behind the bar.

There is not enough information released about Ray’s family and relatives at the moment. Neither his net worth nor his salary earning is disclosed on the web.

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