Who Is Spud King Tony Galati Ex-Wife Sindy Goodhew? Everything On Her Family And Net Worth

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Spudshed founder Tony Galati was previously in a relationship with real estate advocate Sindy Goodhew. Was she his wife?

Tony Galati has just bought his first-ever home at the age of 60. The Spud king purchased a sparkling mansion in Mosman Park worth $6.2 million, according to Perth Now.

The farmer-turned-retailer owns properties worth tens of millions of dollars, but he had never owned a home before. He previously lived at his former partner Sindy Goodhew’s house.

Now that there are rumors of the couple going their separate ways, it’s possible why Galati wanted his own space. So, who is Sindy Goodhew?

Who Is Tony Galati Ex-Wife Or Partner Sindy Goodhew?

Spudshed founder Tony Galati was dating his ex-partner Sindy Goodhew and the pair lived together for a long time at the latter’s house.

Sindy Goodhew is a real estate mediator with more than twenty-five years of experience in the commercial and property sectors.

She is currently associated with GW Legal. She joined the firm in April 2018 after leaving her job at Galati Group where she worked for seventeen years.

She initially joined Galati Group as an executive before taking on the role of consultant in 2017. She was also a lawyer and associate of Borrello Graham Lawyers from 2016 to 2018, as per her LinkedIn account.

Goodhew is a certified nationally accredited mediator from The University of Western Australia. She has a bachelor’s degree and a Juris Doctorate from Murdoch University.

Goodhew is a successful personality and is no less than her former partner Galati professionally. She is well-experienced in handling her clients regarding property acquisition, conflicts, and leasings.

She is also an expert in land compensation, reservation, and acquisition.

Sindy Goodhew Age- How Old Is She?

Sindy Goodhew’s age is probably between 45-55 years old.

However, her real age remains unknown due to a lack of information regarding her birthdate.

Tony Galati, on the other hand, recently turned 60 years old.

Sindy Goodhew Family & Children

As of now, there is no information available about Sindy Goodhew’s family and children.

She did not share any children with Galati, but it’s also uncertain if she had children from her previous relationship.

On the other hand, Tony Galati is a father of four children. He has three sons, Anthony Alan Galati, Frank Galati, and Sebastian Galati, and one daughter named Alana Galati.

His son, Frank was formerly a door-to-door salesman and model but is now a chief executive and heir of Spudshed and the Galati Group.

What Is Sindy Goodhew Net Worth?

Sindy Goodhew’s verified net worth is under review.

As she is a successful and experienced real estate mediator, she may have collected a sound net worth over the years.

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