Who Is Takecia Travis? Everything To Know About Jey Uso Wife

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Takecia Travis is the wife of a professional wrestler, Jey Uso. The couple tied the knot in 2015. Travis has recently gained a lot of attention due to her high-profile marriage to Jey. Let’s have a look at their marital status and life.

Joshua Samuel Fatu is a Samoan professional wrestler who competes under “Jey Uso” for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

Jey is a member of the famed Samoan Anoa’i family and his brother Jimmy. Along with his brother, Jonathan Fatu, he is one half of The Usos (also known as The Uso Brothers) who use the ring name Jimmy Uso. Jey Uso and his brother Jimmy worked as a workhorse tag team in WWE for years before finally breaking through and embracing their Samoan background.

Besides his impressive wrestling career, many people are eager to learn more about his wife, Takecia Travis. 

Who Is Takecia Travis? Jey Uso Wife

Takecia Travis is best known for being the wife of Jey Uso, a professional wrestler.

Takecia is the daughter-in-law of Rikishi, a former WWE superstar. Aside from that, she has stayed tight-lipped about her personal life. She prefers to keep her personal life private and her information hidden from the public eye.

Takecia and Jey initially met when they were both students at Escambia High School in Pensacola, Florida. Jey’s high school girlfriend is Takecia. The pair married in 2015, and it’s been nearly seven years since they exchanged vows. They’ve never fallen out of love.

Takecia is a compassionate and supportive wife who always encourages her husband to make good decisions and stands by his side to help him gain confidence.

Takecia Travis Age And Wikipedia 

Takecia Travis has kept her age and date of birth secret from the public.

However, she appears to be in the 30-35-year-old range based on her images. She wishes to keep her personal details secret, as previously stated. Therefore, there is no information regarding her life or work.

Moving on, Takecia Travis does not have her own dedicated Wikipedia page. So, information about her professional life and career is unknown to the public. She came to the limelight after being in a relationship with Jey.

Takecia Travis Kids Detail 

Takecia Travis and Jey Uso are the parents of two children. The couple is a kind and loving couple.

Jey’s personal life appears more interesting when he posts images of his wife and children on social media. Jey delivers an ideal opportunity to his family, varying for his vocation as a caring spouse and mindful father.

The family is now living a great life together.

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