Who is This T-Mobile Girl Carly Foulkes? What Happened to Her?

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Carly Foulkes won reputation at the beginning 2010s as the “T-Mobile Girl.” The Canadian mannequin seemed in a wide variety of the cellular telephone company’s 4G classified ads in a signature red outfit to fit the brand. 

Her bubbly persona presented her famous with spectators — T-Mobile also set out a behind-the-scenes clip with her after excellent feedback. But it has been several years considering that Foulkes has labored with T-Mobile, so what’s she up to these times?

Well, Foulkes is nevertheless modeling. Hence she’s additionally an exceptionally proficient cameraman. She regularly posts remarkable mannequin photographs on her non-public Instagram, as correctly as creative photographs she catches. 

She also has an Instagram dedicated to her photography, where she also shares extra of her skills.

In a 2017 conversation with the garb company Free People, Foulkes explained her daily round: “It modifications a lot however proper now it consists of yoga in the daylight, using my canine for a stroll and then going to my studio to both shoots, collage, or work on different video projects. I’ve currently begun directing, and I like it. I’ve additionally grown to be controlled with curler skating!”

Carly Foulkes: The T-Mobile Girl

Carly Foulkes is infamously acknowledged as T-Mobile Girl. She is a Canadian mannequin and heroine. Foulkes used to be born on August 4, 1988. 

She highlighted in a collection of T-Mobile MyTouch 4G tv advertisements. Carly used to be famous for her pink-and-white summer season outfit. 

She endured her name outfitting as a pink-black biker miss. Foulkes was once T-Mobile’s spokes guy from autumn 2010 to spring 2013.

What Happened To Carly Foulkes?

Carly Foulkes has frequently been determined as an intercourse number. She grew to be so famous via her advertisements. In 2013, Business Insider reporter Laura Stampler named her “one of the most recognizable manufacturers spokes guy.” 

Media became her biker lady outfit to a ‘poor girl chick image.’ In a conference, Foulkes replied: “I’m comfortable. When I suppose sexy, I virtually don’t place myself in the class. So I’m very exalted. Hence, it’s hilarious.”

In 2020, Carly launched her tune ‘I’m All Talk.’ She posted: “This track is about choosing anybody that isn’t proper for you and making an attempt to analyze from that sorrow.” After 2013, Carly was once viewed in few T-Mobile events. References declare her deal with the organization is nevertheless on; however, in the dark.

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