Who Is Tika Sumpter’s Daughter Ella-Loren? 10 Facts On Her Age, Birthday And Instagram

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Ella-Loren is the baby girl born to the famous American actress, podcaster, host, producer, and model Tika Sumpter. The celeb daughter often comes on the social platform and receives tons of love from the audience. 

Ella-Loren is mostly praised over the internet for her cute childish activities. One can often appreciate her presence and generous activities on her parent’s social account. 

Quick Facts: Who Is Tika Sumpter’s Daughter Ella-Loren? 10 Facts On Her Age, Birthday And Instagram

BirthdayOctober 8, 2016
ParentsTika Sumpter, Nicholas James

10 Facts About Ella-Loren

  1. Talking about the age of Ella Loren, Tika Sumpter‘s daughter, she is four years old. 
  2. Ella Loren’s father, Nichols James, is also famous in the entertainment industry as an actor and model. In a nutshell, both of her parents are well-established in the industry.
  3. Ella Loren was born on October 8, 2016, in the United States. She has had a beautiful childhood, and her birth created a tremendous buzz all over the internet. 
  4. As of present, considering the age, Ella Loren does not hold a social account. However, one can see her pictures shared by her parents, fan page, and official news channels on Instagram.
  5. Ella Loren’s mother holds African ancestry. Hence, Tika had to face numerous criticisms after the birth of Ella. In response to it, Tika opened up a website to help black and brown mothers enjoy motherhood peacefully.
  6. The actual net worth of Ella Loren is not summoned up. Despite this, her parents hold a healthy net worth, providing her a lavish and healthy lifestyle.
  7. As of Instagram reports, Ella is learning the life skills of appreciating the beauty in every color and shape from her parents. 
  8. Ella’s parents, Tika and Nicholas, have been engaged for three years. However, their wedding has not yet taken place.
  9. At the moment, the couple has not disclosed much about Ella Loren, although they post various pictures and videos of Ella’s activities.
  10. We wish to look forward to the bright future of the baby girl. The further details of Ella Loren would be updated soon.

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