Who is Tooka? And who killed shondale tooka Gregory Gangster Disciples

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Who is Tooka, the Chicago adolescent, who in 2012 was killed in a grim posse shooting? Furthermore, for what reason would he say he is so loathed these days? Eight years after his murdering, Tooka is returning in King Von’s verses and in web conversations.

Who is Tooka?

Shondale Gregory, better known by his road name, Tooka, was a 15-year-old from Chicago.

On 12 January 2012, Tooka was holding up at a bus station when a vehicle pulled up before him. A traveler escaped the vehicle and, subsequent to trading a couple of words, shot the youngster on numerous occasions. Tooka was articulated dead at the scene.

Shondale Gregory, otherwise known as Tooka, was a known subsidiary of Chicago posse the Gangster Disciples (GD). His shooting is thought to have been in reprisal for the demise of another gangster, 17-year-old Eddrick Walker, otherwise known as Ty, who was essential for the Black Disciples (BD) and is thought to have been slaughtered by GD individuals.

As retaliation for Tooka’s death, GD slaughtered another BD gangster, 20-year-old Odee Perry. As per the Daily Mail, perhaps the dearest companion, Gakirah Barnes, may have been answerable for the murdering. The Mail called her “quite possibly the most famous female gangsters in US history”.

Barnes was killed in 2014, at 17 years old, as assumed counter for Odee Perry’s killing.

Who is Tooka?

For what reason does King Von disdain Tooka ?

Ruler Von is an O Block rapper in southern Chicago named after Odee Perry by individual gangsters. Lord Von is the grandson of BD maker David Barksdale, King Dave.

As a feature of the contention between Chicago groups, their individuals insult each other through tunes or online media, and King Von referenced “smoking takea” commonly.

Metropolitan Dictionary portrays “smoking takea” as A term used to depict amazing weed. Begun after Chief Keef’s Black Disciples team killed (smoked) Shondale ‘Tooka’ Gregory. Presently use ‘smoking takea’ to mortify Shondale’s end.”

Lord Von raps the line in his tune All These N****s: “Tooka in my lung, I say that each time he’s smoked. (He smoked).”

This line is the reason Tooka is currently back in the news, provoking the online local area to guess why King Von appears to abhor him to such an extent.

One client took Reddit to say he feels this is on the grounds that King Von took Tooka’s beating some place.

Lord Von’s disdain of Chiraqology


The video shows a client at 1:29 saying “F***Tooka we ended his life.” The video, initially posted on Instagram, hit more than 8,000 live feed sees and is one reason the high schooler’s name is currently moving on the web, over eight years after his demise.

Tooka is one of the gangsters severely killed and disparaged on the web. He’s one of only a handful few, nonetheless, whose name is currently perceived around the world.

To get familiar with group wrongdoing, watch this video on Chicago’s pack war.

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