Why Did Indira Naidoo Sister Manika Naidoo Suicide? Naidoo Sister’s And Married Life

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Australian author Indira Naidoo lost her sister Manika Naidoo in 2020. Her most recent book,The Space Between the Stars, describes her struggle dealing with Manika’s untimely death.

Naidoo has a reputation for connecting nature to her every writing. Her other well-known publications,The Edible BalconyandEdible City,encourage community education about urban horticulture and nature.

Besides being an excellent writer, Naidoo is a journalist for the ABC corporation. She has long served as the host of the radio program “Weekend Nightlife,” which offers highlights on news, culture, and entertainment.

Naidoo has also been a co-director at FitzGerald Productions for two decades. Please keep reading to learn more about a horrific occurrence she endured that many of her admirers are unaware of.

Indira Naidoo’s Sister Manika Naidoo Died From Suicide

Indira Naidoo’s sister Manika Naidoo took her own life on May 20, 2022. Her funeral ceremony happened on May 29, 2020, in Melbourne.

Naidoo’s family had disclosed the sad news on social media, but they had not provided specifics about the tragic news.

Fans have learned that Indira’s most recent novel,The Space Between the Stars,is about how people may heal naturally after a tragic incident.

In June 2022, Naidoo spoke of her heartbreaking loss in apodcast. She claimed that her sister had mental health issues that worsened during the lockdown. Moreover, she also talked about her bonding with her sister.

Naidoo said: ‘We were always tight, inseparable really. We had lived in five different countries by the time I was 13.”

She described her sister as an angel with dimples and a wide smile. Her sister was a brilliant thinker, called a “dark outcast and a clever nonconformist.”

In addition, she also called Manika remained “generally unsettled.” She said: ‘Manika wasn’t looking for what most people looked for. She saw great pain, great unrest, and great injustices.’

Indira said they had been in regular contact, but Manika’s mental health had deteriorated “even before lockdown.” Her sister remained distressed and angry and sadly took her own life.

Broadcaster Indira Naidoo’s world was turned upside down when her younger sister passed away unexpectedly. Ultimately, she sought solace in her metropolitan surroundings and was drawn to a fig tree that overlooked Sydney Harbour. This guided her in writingThe Space Between the Stars.

Who Was Indira Naidoo’s Sister Manika Naidoo?

Indira’s sister, Manika, was a public figure and a creative and strategic public relations expert. She wasworkingas a policy analyst for the Premier of Victoria.

Manika was married to her Australian husband, Brent Hooley. She is the mom of two lovely children, Alia and Harry.

A middle sister named Suraya also exists for Indira and Manika. With Indira being the oldest, the three sisters are only separated by a year.

Indira Naidoo Married Life- Meet Her Husband Mark Fitzgerald

Indira Naidoo met her husband, Mark Fitzgerald, in 1998 while working for the ABC network. They tied the knot in 2002.

Her hubby, Mark Fitzgerald, is a famous Australian TV producer and director. He is a director and producer recognized for The Chaser’s War on Everything (2006), Edge of Darkness (2010), and The Departed (2006).

In 2019, Naidoo and her husband traveled to several Latin American countries. They visited Cuba, Argentina, Chile, and several other countries. They were also spotted at the Vin de Champagne Awards at the Sydney Hilton’s Glass Brasserie.

The pair are parents to Galen Naidoo Harris and Oriana Naidoo Harris. They reside in Sydney, Australia.

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