Merits And Demerits Of Freedom Of Speech In Educational Institutions

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“I have a dream have a dream that one day every valley shall be exalted, every hill and mountain shall be made low, the rough places will be made plain, and the crooked places will be made straight, and the glory of the Lord shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together.”

Can we bet everyone knows what these sentences mean? This is not just mere condemnation. It’s an emotion, a way through which the shackling barriers can break down. It’s a speech when racial discrimination in the world was abolished, and it’s a speech where FREEDOM was declared over the thoughts.

Through these words, the liberty of speaking was concreted. And the pavement of the path leading towards freedom ignited. Freedom of speech cannot be tempered and laid only on the grounds of politics. But, even colleges and universities have full right over this attainment of probability. In this blog, “Merits and Demerits of freedom of speech in educational institutions,” we will dissect all the possibilities.

So sit tight, relax, and absorb the prowess which is going to bestow upon you.

Educational establishments and the need for freedom of speech

“Where do you study? Is the place where you flourish too,” Isn’t this statement right? The educational organization is like a safe haven for pupils. They can feel the warmth of their fellow mate and the crafting of their peers. It is like a sanctuary where Godly things should happen, where a mere simple human can craft into a role model.

Like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., he had an idea, and no one could suppress that, not even the civil movement of the country. He snatched and demanded the FREEDOM OF SPEECHwith full righteousness – which now every American can cherish despite having any color of skin. No segregation, no hate over skin shade, no priority over white ones. This is what we call the power of free speech.

Let’s dig into the merits.

You are heard.

Just remember, pupils, even if no one hears you out;

You is brave

You is smart

You is important

Remember your worth, and make the crowd and the management heard; this is your right. Through this step, you will be seen, your presence will be felt, and you will be equally given the stage of accomplishment. Never settle for less because this world was not created in a day. Remember, things take time. Free speech on college campuses is every dutiful student’s right, so never waste that.

Your point of view is not delinquent.

A student is not a chained lion, their wings aren’t clipped, and they aren’t trapped inside a dungeon. They have an inherited right in this country and are exercising lawful citizens of this democratic nation. If any law disturbs the pupils, they have the liberty to channel it via their institutions. The student body has the right over such issues and is liberated to give their point of view. For instance, the recent abortion law disturbed the entire nation, and students showed their rage on campuses with full zeal. They aren’t at the university to offer cheap assignment help UK; they are here to say the world what they want. What is needful in their spectrum, and what can be virtue upon.

You are equally important.

Never have that thought about who will listen to you, don’t let that inner demon take a toll on your mental health. Always remember that even if no one is there to hear you out. There is someone down the lane, waiting for your success. So, whatever deems sinister to you in the college or the outer world, lash that out. That is why it is called free speech and maintaining one’s wellbeing. Through this, you will gain maximum exposure and gain confidence. This will also boost your inbuilt skills at best.

Let’s see what the demerits are.

Keeping the hope alive.

Free speech on college campuses is often diverted with false promises. This is one of the factual demerits of freedom of speech. Students don’t know the value a leader on stage gives the crowd. It is the hope, the promise, the false recognition, and the vague approach. If one is bestowed upon it, they should be thankful and vigilantly use that. Being a giver is like being an opportunity spreader, so use that wisely.

Every world happening is not your job.

If there is a volcano eruption in Congo, and the government of that country is not doing the job. It is simply not your job to be vocal about that. Don’t crave the limelight when it is not your time to shine. All you have to do is skim the things which, in a sure shot, affects the surrounding and destroy the well-made ecosystem. Plunge into that pool, which gives you a beneficial outcome and your surroundings. For example, starting a genuine essay writing service for the needy students who can earn through it. Advocating for their rights and help is one of the positive outcomes your fellows need.

Free speech is not your vengeance ground.

Most people mistake the freedom of speech for putting a negative shed on the opposite party. Sliding mud onto each other isn’t termed as liberty. This is one of the most gruesome negative counterparts that one could expect. Work like a team, and accept healthy and constructive criticism. In this manner, the growth opportunity will be unlocked, and many advantageous routes will unleash. Free as to liberate, and let the fellow live at sustainability factor.

Concluding thoughts

The dilemma regarding “Merits and Demerits of freedom of speech in educational institutions” must be cleared through this blog. To be honest, this world needs another Rosa Parks, who, practicing her freedom of speech, did a miraculous revolution. The entire globe witnessed the Montgomery bus boycott; now, we see the reciprocation of it.

Another incident that, in the end, will make you understand the need for free speech in institutions and on the whole. It is the event of BLACK LIVES MATTER, where George Floyd was the target of police brutality. All these events make us understand why the FREEDOM OF SPEECH is important even in 2022.

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