A Brief Look at Dubai Real Estate Investing Scams

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Dubai Real Estate Investing Scams

Dinar Guru is the leading source of information for dinar dealers in Iraq. For diners exchanged in Iraq, and for the sale of dinars in Iraq, the leading authority is Dinar. Dinars are the currency used in Iraq, and the exchange rate for dinars in Iraq is always changing. The information that goes into the making of this money is never constant either. Also, learn about the book reviews of dinar detectives.

Recently, Dinars were withdrawing from all over the region because of an alleged new scam. Someone was trying to establish financial interests within the region using the dinar guru system. The new “scam” leader was promptly removed from the role, but the dinar guru system itself continued to crumble. In light of this, I wanted to look at the system itself and where it stands today. With some years having passed since the last review of the Dinar Guru website, I thought it important to look at how much success the system has had.

First review

The first review I want to look at is that of all the free sites associated with the dinar guru scam, none have been able to close a sale since November 2021. What happened? Just as the other free sites, the new guy, took over and did not give anyone any support after the site failed. No e-mails were received, no messages were left, and no reply was left on their support desk phone.

Another site involved was the Dubai financial experts site. The Dubai experts were not offering any support, no matter how many times people tried to enter the system. They continued to accept deposits, and there was no indication of them ever backing down. There is no proof, but many believe that the Dubai authorities supported the forex gurus to keep their foreign currency exchange market running smoothly. Even local officials in Dubai are tied closely to these gurus, so much so that they are said to be working as financial experts on contract.

Final Words

Finally, there was the site for Dubai timeshares. Again, there were millions of visitors, but no money changed hands. For some reason, the site wanted to charge hundreds of dollars for every 1000th annum that a person stayed. There are also strange things happening with the “expert” system, which are being discussed on the various internet forums. This probably means that the Dubai government found out about the scam and tried to shut it down but was unsuccessful. So far, this hasn’t happened to the dinar gurus, despite all the negative publicity they’ve received over the past few years. Also, have a look into dinar recaps.

All in all, it appears that this whole scandal has simply blown away the myths surrounding the Dubai real estate market, which are mostly created by well-intentioned people trying to make some extra income. The only thing that the Dubai authorities have done is make it harder for real investors to participate in the market. But that’s not what the gurus want you to hear. So, now you’re left with your own choice – to invest in the Dubai market or not?

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