AMC is worth about half the soaring price, says investor Trey Collins.

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One of AMC Entertainment Most enthusiastic retail investors have a long-term battle in stocks, but expect to return to Earth by the end of the year.

Remarks on CNBC “Squawk Box” Trey Collins, a 23-year-old host on YouTube’s Trey’s Trades channel, said on Friday morning that he believes the base value of AMC shares will be between $ 20 and $ 25 per share by the end of 2021.

“I think most retail investors understand that this is not the true fundamental value of AMC,” Collins said.

The company’s share price hit a record high this week, dropping above $ 72.62. The company’s share price rose about 2% in daytime trading, with the final exchange being around $ 52.

“If anyone is willing to buy AMC stock trading for $ 47 just because the stock market accurately shows the value of all the securities on the market at that time, it’s $ 47. It’s worth it, “he said. “The momentum trading aspect doesn’t mean you can’t make money, even if it’s not necessarily reflected in your current and forecast returns.”

Collins uses social media to record stock market investments and is the de facto intermediary between AMC and its largest shareholder base, which it calls itself an ape. Collins interviewed AMC CEO Adam Aron twice live broadcast their conversations on his channel, which has 280,000 subscribers, including Thursday night, many of whom are owners of AMC’s stock.

“Adam Aron reaches out to individual investors, caring about what they want, what they want, and what they are interested in, and the company’s long-term health. We have set standards for monitoring sex, “Collins said.

Collins has used his platform to disseminate information about AMC shares in recent months, accusing the company of short selling. Collins publicly states that he is not a financial adviser and warns his social media followers “Don’t blindly follow my financial decisions.”

The transition of AMC from a mature company to a meme stock was triggered by a pandemic of the coronavirus that closed the brand’s cinema and stopped income. As AMC was on the verge of bankruptcy, short sales flooded in with doubts about whether the company could survive the storm.

Thanks to AMC’s own funding and apes pushing up the company’s stock price, Aron was able to take advantage of his interest in stocks to raise more cash.

After selling hundreds of millions of shares in the last 6 months AMC is asking shareholders to issue an additional 25 million copies that can be issued after 2021.

Aaron interviewed Collins on Thursday and the company Considering several acquisition opportunities, Including purchase The location of the Arclight and Pacific theaters closed during the pandemic and we will use the funds raised from the sale of shares for that purpose.

He also said that cash could be used to repay debt, reduce interest costs, or repay millions of unpaid rents.

AMC is short selling about 18% of its floating stock., For about 5% of the average US stock, according to S3 Partners data. Short-seller losses have exceeded $ 5 billion annually due to this week’s backlash, according to S3 data.

The company’s stock price has risen by more than 2,300% since January.

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