Cool Enamel Pins – 6 Things to Know about Enamel Pins

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Enamel pins are trendy, chic, and popular among celebrities and influencers. Every one of us would have bought an enamel pin at some point in our lives. They are fashion accessories that can be used anywhere to enhance your look.

However, they are more popular than before due to customized designs. If you think you know all about cool enamel pins, then you will have to think again. Here are some facts and tips to know about enamel pins.

1) Enamel pins were inspired by Boutonnieres

It started off when designers and seamstresses added a hole known as boutonnieres in the lapel of the men’s suit. This was added for putting fresh flowers as a way to show wealth and status. But with time, other accessories were also put in this buttonhole. Accessories like jewels and watch chains. This eventually gave rise to lapel pins and, from there, enamel pins. A unique and bright pin that can enhance the look of any suit was used.

2) Enamel pins as a symbol of status

For many centuries, these pins and brooches have been used to show status and affiliation with a specific society. Women used their jewelry and brooches, while men used lapel pins for this purpose. Some pins were used for religious purposes, while others used them as a protection charm. People also wore pins to show their affiliation with a particular political party or military. Nowadays also, enamel pins are used by affluent people to showcase their unique fashion sense.

3) Hard and soft enamel pins

Nowadays, pins are being made with enamel. This offers a variety of colors, affordable designs, and durable pins. For casual use or for giving them out as awards, soft enamel pins are best. Soft enamel pins are used widely due to their feasibility and colorful and affordable designs. Hard enamel pins, on the other hand, are used more by fashion icons as a fashion accessory. Hard enamel allows the pin to have a more detailed design.

4) What mechanism do the pins use to stay put?

Different manufacturers produce different types and designs of clasps of the pins, which keeps the pin attached. Nowadays, the most popular type of clasps on enamel pins are butterfly clasps. The sharp end of the pin is held by a butterfly clasp. When you want to open it, you will squeeze the butterfly, and to close it, you need to press down. Another form of attachment is through magnets and screws, and nuts.

5) you can use them for anything

Enamel pins can be created in any design you have in mind. These customizable pins allow you to make your creativity and unique fashion sense a reality. These pins can be used as awards, to appreciate someone, or simply use as a fashion accessory. Many public sectors have specific pins for every department.  Many companies also promote their business by allowing employees to wear enamel pins of the company logo.

6) You can use them anywhere

Previously, pins were only used by men on their suits. But now, with so many options and customizable enamel pins, both men and women use these pins to showcase their style. You can use them on your jackets, jeans, shirts, caps, hats, bags, pouches, scarves, etc. There are so many different ways in which you can style your outfit around the enamel pins to rock your favorite look.


Now that you know about these pins, you can see why they are popular. There are many online platforms that offer amazing designs and colors. If you want, you can get your designs customized as well. So get yours today!

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