How to Solve the Clean Water Crisis?

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The availability of clean water is a real issue around the world. Some of the areas face this problem so severe that people die of a lack of clean drinking water. It is everyone’s duty to preserve clean water and ensure clean water for everyone. There are many international organizations that are working hard to solve this issue. However, the responsibilities go to everyone. We also have to take measures to solve the clean water crisis. One of the ways to ensure clean water is to use a water filter. Whatever the water filter price in Bangladesh maybe we should make sure we have high-quality water filter at our home.

Use of Water Purifying Technologies

One thing we can do is to use water purification technology in every sector. From our home to business, industry, irrigation, and agriculture. Scientists have invented many technologies that can be used to purify wastewater. We now can use almost every kind of contaminated water just by using the cleaning technology that is available now. Here are some of the best technologies.

Water Filter

Water filter is the most common machine that cleans water from different kinds of parasites, bacteria, and viruses. Water filter also uses different highly appreciated technologies that are widely accepted around the world. One of such technologies is reverse osmosis technology.

Water Treatment

Water treatment is another system to purify polluted water. Lowering the clean water crisis can contribute a lot. In the industrial area, there should be a water treatment plant so that the dangerous elements that get added to water can be cleaned. 

Water Cleaning Tablets

The Cobetter is the most common tablet that is used to purify water. There are many more tablets like this. All of these can clean dirty water. 

Educate People about Water Consumption

To solve the clean water crisis around the world we have to take essential measures. The authority has to take the lead here. We should educate people to use water only when they need it. The overuse of water creates a water crisis. If we can educate people about how to reduce the unnecessary use of water. In different statistics, we see that the water people waste in the USA alone is way higher than the total availability of the whole African region. 

Water Recycling

We have to ensure water recycling. Otherwise, it will be tougher to control the clean water crisis. The water we use should be stored in a way so that it can be reused just after cleaning it. For example, we can build separate pipelines for sewerage water and normal use water. It will allow us to reuse the normally used water after basic cleaning. 

Enact Regulations

The government can enact law and regulations so that people cannot waste water by misusing. The law should include the industrial misuse of water. If any industry is found to be misusing water then they should be fined. Government authority should monitor this regularly. If the government can enforce the law against water-wasting then the people will be alert. They will no more misuse water. 

Improve Distribution Policy

In the urban area, water is distributed to the users. There should be a solid policy to ensure clean water. Not only this, by ensuring a good water distribution system we can make sure that the maximum number of people are getting clean water. Otherwise, some people will consume more than others. It will create a clean water crisis. So, to solve this problem we have to ensure a proper water distribution policy in the city area. 

Check Water Pollution

If we want to solve the clean water crisis from this world, we have to reduce water pollution. We should not throw industrial waste into the river or sea water. Not only this, we should not throw our used plastic items on water. To check water pollution we have to change our overall lifestyle. We cannot stop water pollution in any other way. From individuals to the government we all have to work together to solve the clean water crisis. 

Using Rain Water

Rainwater is a great source of clean water. We can store rainwater in a big container and drink it when we need it. Rainwater has no contaminating substances. Scientists suggest that we preserve rainwater. To eradicate the clean water crisis fully, we should practice this. 

Change Agricultural Practices

Our agro system is still following the thousands-year-old way of irrigation. The current system of irrigation cannot control the water of the field. In this system, we have to waste clean water a lot. Because we cannot be sure how much water a field needs. Now we can set up a water meter to determine the water level of a particular field. It can help us reduce extra water pouring in the field. 

Investing in R&D

We have to invest more and more in research and development. Our scientists will invent ways we can reduce the amount of dirty water. In the university, research centers, there should be more researches done to ensure clean water for everyone. 

Lower Water Price

Another way we can make sure everyone is getting clean water is by lowering the price of clean water. The current market price of clean water is too high. Many of us cannot afford clean water to drink. So, the authority and businesses should reduce the price of the water so that everyone can have clean water. 

Final Verdict

There are many other factors that are contributing to the clean water crisis. Population growth, climate change, etc. We should work on solving these issues first. Then the issue like clean water crisis will get solved automatically.

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