Is Naruto Or Kurama Dead In Boruto Chapter 55?

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Till now, there was no indication that Naruto is in danger of death after Isshiki was defeated. Kurama did mention that if Naruto uses the Chakra Fusion technique, it will be lethal. Kurama suggested this technique when he saw that Sasuke and Naruto are being thrashed by Isshiki’s superior Dojutsu. Isshiki Otsutsuki revived himself off a weaker vessel, and when he came to life, he only had a few hours of life force. Additionally, he lost his prime vessel, Kawaki, in the process. Isshiki attacked Konoha to bring out Kawaki and put Karma on him again.

To intervene, the seventh Hokage Naruto and his aide Sasuke confronted him, and the first thing they do is pull him to a different dimension to avoid any damage to the Leaf Village. A huge battle followed, and to compete with Isshiki, Kurama asks Naruto to activate the Fusion. Naruto and Kurama fuse each other’s chakra to create a more powerful chakra, which leads to a massive power surge for Naruto. While Naruto can now match Isshiki’s power, he is also decreasing the life force of Isshiki. The fusion chakra is pulling the life out of Isshiki when Naruto makes contact with him. This technique ultimately killed Isshiki.

However, this Chakra Fusion technique had a price. From the Boruto Chapter 55 Spoilers, we find out that Kurama has left Naruto’s body. The Nine Tails reached its chakra limit and has disappeared from existence. The long journey of Naruto and Kurama comes to an end. When Kurama was talking about the risks of this technique, he was talking about his own death. It was his greatest strength and the ultimate chakra source, but now Naruto is left without any such power.

Will Naruto Die Eventually?

Looking back at the Naruto and Boruto Franchise, our beloved character Naruto has never died. Some of the shonen manga stories are known for killing the main characters and reviving them at a different time. Naruto has escaped death at every point due to the massive chakra of Kurama, he had been inside him to give the last push. They were very compatible with each other after gaining understanding. Naruto matured and eventually proved himself worthy of the Hokage title.

However, the rumors of Naruto’s death came out with the release of the Boruto manga. Many speculated that Kawaki was pointing to the death of Naruto and the destruction of Konoha in the initial look at their eventual big fight. Boruto will be the only one left to face Kawaki’s threat. For now, Kawaki is an ally, but while he was there, Naruto has lost Kurama. So, now, there isn’t much to save Naruto if another extraterrestrial threat decides to descend on Konoha.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generation recently changed its writer. Masashi Kishimoto is back to write the plot for the rest of this manga. He will bring some changes to the overall plot but we get the basic idea. The next villain is the inner member of Kara, Code. He was particularly upset that Isshiki died. He will be passed the powers and the leadership of Kara now. There are other Otsutsuki that have an eye on Earth. Many of their elites have reached Earth and failed to sustain their rule of the world. There is a silhouette of an ultimate powerful Otsutsuki with a large number of Byakugans, seemingly watching the events on earth from a faraway planet.

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The controversial changes in the Boruto Manga to transition the power to the younger generation are not very popular among the fans. Instead of growing Boruto and Kawaki slowly into power, the manga is pushing the powerhouses like Sasuke and Naruto down. Naruto has now lost his nine-tails power, Sasuke was ineffective against Isshiki. In short, it is very likely that the manga will kill off Naruto or even Sasuke. It will set them up as necessary sacrifices for the younger generation to grow. There will be fiercer opponents and higher stakes in future wars for the planet Earth.

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