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Lead generation is a critical step in a complete marketing strategy. It is through it that you will build your customer base. This construction goes through some stages: funnel processes must be worked on constantly to reach its main objective: making a sale.

In the middle of this process is the MQLs ( Marketing Qualified Leads ), the leads qualified by your marketing strategy to become potential buyers. These are the ones we’ll talk about next. Check it out!

Definition of MQL

A Qualified Marketing Lead (MQL) is a prospect who has shown a real interest in buying your product and has a set of lead qualifications to advance more and more towards the end of the funnel.

To become an MQL, the visitor shows great interest in the 

Content of your website. For example, the lead who visits your website can fill out a form, download an e-book, subscribe to your newsletter, or even put products in the shopping cart without making them.

Generation of qualified leads

Marketers can execute several strategies for generating qualified marketing leads, called MQLs. The process starts by connecting with potential leads, whether by email, phone, in person, or any other form of communication.

The marketer, or the person responsible for generating leads, needs to interact with this potential lead to be able to perform one or more of the following steps:

  • Share information about the products or services offered;
  • Talk to potential customers about their needs;
  • Recommend solutions that benefit these potential customers;
  • Inform them about new opportunities that will come in the future;
  • Nurture leads with support materials (such as e-books, for example) until they are ready for the next stage of the consumer journey

Importance of qualified leads

MQL is very valuable within a marketing strategy, as they focus more on quality than on quantity. And it is better to have a small group of highly qualified leads with high potential to become a buyer than to have hundreds or thousands of leads who are unlikely to buy your product.

High conversion rates mean more efficient sales and marketing processes to optimize your entire strategy and budget. Thus, the marketer should not go to great lengths to improve his strategy’s global indexes but mainly to increase the number of qualified leads in his sales funnel.

Benefits of generating qualified leads

Time and effort optimization

Identifying your MQLs ensures that the marketing team’s work is not wasted, both in the use of time and effort.

Thus, the sales team can focus on the best tactics to turn those leads into buyers without wasting time on those disqualified leads.

Better sales workload

Reps sales do not waste time and energy with prospects that lead nowhere. Above all, your business cannot waste resources on these bad and disqualified leads.

Knowing your MQLs helps your business improve the sales team’s workload, ensuring that it uses resources only on the prospects that generate the highest ROI.

  1. Better alignment between sales and marketing teams

MQLs are a criterion for defining which leads can pass to the next stage for the sales team. In this way, both teams can focus on their work without generating confusion and disagreement.

Qualification of content marketing

MQLs benefit from content marketing because they allow the right content to target the right audience, improving the ROI of lead nurturing initiatives.

In the current digital marketing scenario, much is said about generating qualified leads, that is, users who demonstrate a high level of interest in a product or service. And, of course, much more susceptible to making a purchase. But how can the most used social networks help you in this task?

This article will see the five best tips for acquiring highly desired qualified leads!

Make a social media plan to generate qualified leads planning is the foundation of any digital marketing strategy. With social networks, it could not be different. Plan each of your actions before executing them, establishing business goals and objectives to assess the campaign’s success later.

Plus: add them to your blog and email marketing tactics, always optimizing them for winning leads. So, when you take new actions, you’ll know which ones are the most assertive.

Use Paid ads 

If your business has the financial resources to do so, the good idea is to invest in the ads available on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. There is even an optimized option for the acquisition of leads, which the administrators of fan pages can very well explore. In the microblog, the tip is to use the shortened links to generate more traffic to your conversion landing pages.

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