Protein Myths You Should Stop Believing

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It is not just bodybuilders who are concerned about their protein intake. Even if you have no athletic aspirations, you need to monitor your protein intake because it is an important food group used to fuel your body. Protein does not just build muscle. It also helps you feel satiated and boosts your metabolism. Here are some protein myths you should stop believing.

You Can Never Have Too Much Protein

You have probably heard people say that you are not getting sufficient protein in your body and need to increase your protein intake exponentially. The reality is that most adults between 19 and 30 years of age eat around 100 grams of protein daily. This is twice the amount recommended for a person on a 2,000 calorie diet. If you ingest too much protein, this can cause excessive nitrogen build-up in your body. Taking in too much protein increases your risk of damaging your kidneys.

Powder Protein Is As Good As Whole Sources of Protein

Protein shakes are fantastic because they are convenient and are made in a way that is easy for the body to absorb. However, drinking a protein shake is not the same as eating a slab of steak. Powders are awesome for giving you protein. However, eating food sources like plants and animals gives you the variation of protein your body requires. It also gives you a variety of amino acids and micronutrients. Proteins like whey isolate protein powder are an excellent addition to your diet, containing 22 grams of proteins with little or no carbs and fat, according to Legion Athletics. But it should be consumed in conjunction with other protein-rich foods.

Your Body Can Digest a Ton of Protein at Once

Moderation is the key to success. This includes moderation in protein intake. You can overeat protein in just one sitting. If you eat too much protein, your body is not going to be able to digest it. Instead, it will store the excess as fat. It is recommended that you limit your protein intake to 30 grams for each setting.

Whey-Based Protein Will Make You Fat

If you eat whey-based protein, will you gain weight? Absolutely. It will be in the same way that you will gain weight if you eat salad, if you eat chicken, or if potatoes. As with anything, you get the best results if you track your intake and exercise. One researcher found that if you use whey protein to replace calories in your diet, it can lead to a weight decrease of about nine pounds on average. If you exercise on top of that, you can increase lean body mass by about five pounds.

Protein Is an Essential Building Block for Life

Protein is key for you to live a happy, healthy life. When consumed in moderation, protein can help you build strong muscles and provide you with the nutrients needed to live healthy.

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