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Scentsy workstation is a web portal for all fashionistas to buy fascinate perfumes whose scent will last in your memory. Scentsy workstation creates memories with perfumes and body sprays. The incenses are more than a common perfumes and body sprays incense you see out there. Scentsy workstation has a good record most especially from customers with login. Yes, I mean Scentsy workstation login for customers to track ordered products. It’s not only Scentsy customers that have access to the Scentsy workstation login. Scentsy workstation employees login to log in to their Scentsy workstation employee’s account to monitor their work activities.

Scentsy has pay portal web page and workstation web portal where Scentsy customers and employees can sign in to their account from home and anywhere around the world. is the official Scentsy web portal to access both employees and customers dashboard. With your Scentsy workstation login, you will be able to sign in to the Scentsy employee workstation and customers portal to track ordered Scentsy perfumes or body sprays.

Scentsy Pay Portal

If you are one of the Scentsy consultants you would have heard about the Scentsy pay portal login for consultants to sign in with their consultant ID after Scentsy consultant account activation.

The privately-owned company has its root ground with over 8 preforms known worldwide. However, if you are either a consultant or an employee or even Scentsy customers and you are having issues with your Scentsy workstation login this guide will have you covered.

With everything you have heard above about this top-notch perfume company, it’s time to tell you the purpose of Scentsy workstation web portal and why the login is important.

What is Scentsy Workstation?

We said above that the official web portal for Scentsy Workstation is while is the official page for Scentsy products. However, the Scentsy Workstation is an online web portal designed for all Scentsy employees and customers to log in online to track their ordered products and check the company’s announcement as an employee.

Through the official website at you can navigate the page and access information like how to find a consultant using your location zip code and country or search for a specific consultant using the name of the Scentsy consultant.

That is why Scentsy create another web portal as a workstation for Scentsy consultant to manage their account. So, if you are Scentsy employee or customer and you are looking forth to log in to your Scentsy account consider going through the Scentsy workstation login portal on

Scentsy Consultant

If you can bring something to new to Scentsy table you can apply as a consultant and start to build your consultancy career with Scentsy consultant privilege.

Scentsy is looking for consultants that can invest their entire life in helping to grow bigger and meet their target in time. If you are capable of delivering this first-class consultancy service don’t hesitate to take a step further to apply for Scentsy consultant job.

As Scentsy consultant, if you sell a product worth $2,000 you make a 25% commission which is equivalent to $500. And this is because Scentsy does not allow you are a consultant to earn more than 25% on your PRV, you are motivated to recruit others into becoming Scentsy consultants. You make between addition 2% – 9% commission on your downline recruitment. 

With Scentsy consultant commission, you can make a fortune when you put more work into recruiting others to become a consultant at Scentsy.

Scentsy Workstation Login

Scentsy workstation login comprises of your Scentsy employee or customers user ID and password to access your account dashboard on If you are poor in keeping record and you forgot your password you can turn to the password reset option on the web portal.

1. Go to you will see a web page with two columns containing the consultant ID and password as the sub-headling asking you to key-in your Scentsy employee consultant ID and password.

2. In the “Sign-in” enter your Scentsy consultancy ID and password. If you are signing into your as an employee enter your Scentsy employee login ID and password. Scentsy customers are expected to use their Scentsy customer login ID and password sign in by click on the “Sign in” button.

You will be redirected from to your Scentsy employee or customer’s dashboard where you will manage your account. Here as Scentsy consultant, you will see your earned commission.

Reset Scentsy Workstation Login

You need to start keeping a record if you are the type that forgot things easily. If you forgot your Scentsy consultancy login password it may cost you your commission. And as Scentsy customer, forgetting your login could cost you a lot down to tracking to products you ordered.

However, Scentsy offers a password recovery feature to all Scentsy employees and customers. Therefore, here in this guide, we’ll turn to how to reset Scentsy Workstation password

1. Go to on your hand-held internet-enabled device browser. You can do this on a smartphone. If you love convenience, you can go for your Scentsy workstation password reset on your computer.

2. Click on “I forgot my password” and a new interface will prompt you to enter your Scentsy employee’s email address and click on the “Continue” button.

If Scentsy finds a matching email to the email you provided an instruction to reset your Scentsy employee login password will be sent to the email. You then need to follow the instruction to change your password.However, note that you can no longer use the old password once a new password is saved.

Scentsy Pay Portal Login

Scentsy will first prompt you to activate your pay portal ID. If you have not done this, you will need to type your Scentsy consultant ID, password to log in, and click on “Activate Account”. Once your account is activated you can proceed to sign in to your Scentsy pay portal account. Here is your guide.

1. Go to and you will see an inscription saying “Welcome to Scentsy Pay Portal” to the left. To the right you will see where to log in to your account carry “SCENTSY” and underneath it, you will see a column to enter your “Scentsy Consultant ID” and “Password”.

2. Provide the necessary information (Consultant ID and password) and click on the sign-in button.

There you are. Instantly, you will be redirected to your Scentsy consultant pay portal account.

Reset Scentsy Pay Portal Password

You wouldn’t want to forget your Scentsy pay portal password if you ever want to sign in to your consultant account. And when this happens, the next option to turn to is “Scentsy Pay Portal password reset”.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “forgot your password”.
  3. Enter your Scentsy consultant account primary email.
  4. Click “Confirm”.

Scentsy will send an instruction to reset your pay portal consultant password to your email. Follow the instruction to change your password.

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