Second American Gentleman Doug Emhoff has three special tattoos on his arm; find out what they are

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It is not very common for people in jobs and offices to have tattoos on their bodies. But America’s second gentleman, Doug Emhoff, doesn’t believe in traditional life. It has been learned that Emhoff has three tattoos on him, and each of them has a special meaning.

According to a People report, fans have spotted the tattoos on his left arm, precisely on the underside of his forearm, which mostly remains hidden when he wears formals. In one Washington post Profile, however, the story behind said tattoos has finally come to the fore.

It has been understood that the 57-year-old has inked the initials of his two children, son Cole and daughter Ella. And just below them is the symbol of a dragon that marks the year he and Vice President Kamala Harris – his wife – were born. The year 1964 was the year of the dragon according to the Chinese zodiac.

But while it may seem unorthodox to many in the United States and even around the world, body art and tattoos have takers in the Emhoff house. Speak People report, Her, 22, was quoted as telling The New York Times earlier this year she has around 18 tattoos on her. The model said her tattoos included random tattoos – cows, bacon, eggs, etc., and others she added during the pandemic.

We have often seen the second man – the first such post to be held by someone in the United States, who had not had a female VP until now – step back to allow his woman to shine and be in the light.

Those who worked with Emhoff told the outlet he understood his position and was always there to be a supportive spouse. “I heard him express very clearly that he sees part of his role as showing the world the beauty, power and wisdom of his partner,” said Rabbi Sharon Brous, who led the Passover Seder. at the White House this year.

Emhoff, it is understood, is the first Jewish partner / husband of a president or vice president.

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