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Whenever fans hear uncensored animes, generally ecchi or harem genre, Anime comes to their mind. But that’s not quite true. Of course, ecchi and harem genre animes have the most gratifying and provocative scenes, which excite the fans. This is one reason that leads them to think those are the only uncensored anime to watch. In reality, uncensored animes go for every genre of anime. Sometimes a very bloody and violent fight scene gets cut due to censorship. Even gory horror scenes are also sometimes censored because of the vivid picturization of brutality and gruesomeness. 

So here are my picks forThe 10 best-uncensored anime for you to watch mixed with all kinds of genres.

10. Okusamago Saitō Kaichou   

Okusama ga Seito Kaichou!

Okusama ga Seitō Kaichou! in English, known as ‘My Wife is the Student Council President.’ This anime is about a student, Hayato Izumi, who runs for student president but ends up losing against a Ui Wakana girl. Ui became the president, whereas Izumi became the vice-president. Later on, under their parents’ arrangement, he comes to know that Ui Wakana will become his fiancée and stay with him.
This anime’s genre is a romantic comedy that contains a lot of fanservice gratification, and on top of that, it has huge comic relief. It has 2 seasons only, so you can almost complete the show in one go if you get interested.

9. Kanokon   


Kanokon is a supernatural, romantic comedy, harem genre anime. The story of this genre revolves around the extremely innocent and shy first-year student Kouta Oyamada. Kouta is a new transfer student but immediately with a shy little appearance. He catches the eye of a second-year student, Chizuru Minamoto, who openly flirts with him, much to his embarrassment. On top of that, she discloses to him that he is a fox spirit. But the story spices up when Nozomu Izamori transfers to Kouta’s class, and she also happens to be a wolf spirit. She also gets a liking for Kouta. And then begins the triangle love story!

One thing about this anime that got my attention was the animation quality and the art style. It was just so awesome that I had to include it in my list. Along with this, the fun, comic romantic, and supernatural aspect of the anime is also pretty good.   

8. Shinmai Maō no Tesutamento  

Shinmai maou no testament

Shinmai Maō, no Tesutamento in English, is known as “The testament of sister new devil.” The plot revolves around Basara Torojo, a high school student of Hijirigasaka Academy. This is an action supernatural-based anime with occasional ecchi scenarios. His father, Jīn, remarries, and Basara quickly finds out he has two very cute stepsisters. Mio Naruse and Marui Naruse . After his father’s departure is the time, Basara finds out that his stepsisters are part of a demon clan. Mio, who is a demon princess, wants a master and servant contract with Basara. On the other hand, Marui also desires to make a contract with Basara, but in her case, she makes Basara her master. When both the two stepsisters are in a demon clan, Basara, on the other hand, has to join in a hero clan. Along with many supernatural and demonic elements, their many good fighting scenes in the anime. Overall, the animation, storyline, action, and occasional ecchi scenes, romantic scenes, can easily pique all the fans’ interest.

7. Seikonno Qwaser  

Seikon no Qwaser

The story revolves around Mafuyu Oribe and Tomo Yamanobe’s school life in St. Mikhailov Academy, a Japanese orthodox school. Mafuyu and Tomoe’s isolated school life from other students changed drastically as they met and rescued a Russian silver-haired boy named Alexander Nikolaevich or “Sasha” who can control iron and draw power from breast milk. There is a reason why Alexander has powers. It’s because he is a thrown-away Qwaser from Adept. But the newfound mystery regarding the Icon which Theotokos of Tsarytsin from Athos wanted to keep its existence secret from the world. On the other side, Qwasers, to get their hands over the Icon, won’t hesitate to transform the academy’s atmosphere into more like a warzone between each other.
This anime is a perfect combination of bloody action scenes, sci-fi, and supernatural elements, along with pretty gratified romantic scenes. This anime serves so many different genres simultaneously, which will certainly never make the fans boring or lose their interest.   

6. Freezing 


If you are looking for a sci-fi action-packed anime with many gratified romantic scenes, “Freezing” is the one to watch. The plot is set around 2065 when Earth and a sentient and hostile race, “Nova,” fight against each other. It retells the story of Kazuya Aoi, who recently enrolled at West Genetics Military Academy. In this academy, a special genetic tissue is injected within the “Pandora” girls, which gives them superhuman strength for fighting against Nova. There he meets with the most skilled “Pandora” SatellizerL.bridget and asks her to make him her “Limiter.” Limiters are Pandoras supporting male partners who can control their partner’s mobility through their special “freezing” power. “Freezing” anime retells Kazuya and Satellizer’s romantic relationship and aside from their story of protecting earth along with their friends from the invasion of Nova. We would call this me a sci-fi, action, romantic anime, which is perfect for both romantic and sci-fi anime watchers.

5. Sekirei 

Well, “ Sekirei” is your classic sci-fi harem anime about Minato Sahasi, who become “Ashikabi” of Musubi, a “Sekirei.” Ashikabi is humans born with special genetic traits to make a contract by kissing ” Sekirei.” Minato and Musubi bind together through this contract to fight against MBI Corporations in the” Sekirei Plan.” The plot moves forward as five other girls choose Minato as their “Ashikabi.” The animation quality and fight sequences, along with some gratifying romantic scenes of this anime, make it worth watching.

4. HyakkaRyōran: Samurai Girls  

Hyakka Ryouran

Hyakka Ryoran or Samurai Girls is an anime created based on another alternate timeline of history portraying” Great Japan,” an isolated and feudal military following country from Edo Shogunate. The anime retells the story of female Samurai warriors descended from Japan’s historical Sengoku and Edo periods. This is a perfect historical action-packed, adventurous anime. But the violent fight scenes and the gratifying costumes, the art style is the reason for this anime to be on this list.

3. High school of the Dead

high school of the dead

Highschool of the Dead is an apocalyptic horror anime with gratifying and gory-bloody scenes. The anime is set up in modern-day Japan, where a pandemic has spread all around, converting people into zombies. High school of the dead is the school of apocalypse in japan where a bunch of high schoolers along with the nurse fight for the “outbreak,” the worldwide catastrophic event. The students with the nurse try to survive in this apocalypse and reach the elementary school’s safe zone. A unique concept like this and a good amount of gory horror and action scenes that are vivid enough hits the perfect spot to be on this listing spot.

2. Terra Formars   


Now this anime it’s a bit different than all the others till now. Terra Formars is a very horror, gore-Ish kind of anime where it’s shown evolved humanoid cockroaches who are much more intelligent than normal human beings. The excellent storyline, animation, character development of this is just top-notch. Due to many harsh realistic environments and death scenes, I decided to include this in my uncensored list.  

1. Redo of The Healer   

redo of the healer

Here is the no. one pick for my list. Redo of the healer tells a story of a simple healing magician, Keyaru, who finds his way back through time traveling to prove the saying “ Healing magicians can’t fight alone” wrong! Keyaru, at first when was a healing magician. He was physically abused, used, and betrayed. When he realized his true powers, it was already late. So to rectify his mistakes, he applied his healing magic over the world itself, making it go four years back. This is a dark fantasy genre anime, and honestly, not everyone can see the amount of dark stuff in the uncensored one. But if you are sensitive to all the gratifying dark stuff that happens, you can also watch its censored version.

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