Brandon Scott Hall of the FedEx shootings in Indianapolis wanted to “demonstrate his masculinity” rather than racist motives: FBI

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Indianapolis-A former employee who shot and killed eight people in a FedEx warehouse in Indianapolis in April acted alone and had no racial or ethnic motives, officials said Wednesday.

At a press conference, Indianapolis police and federal officials finally wanted to use the April 15 attack as an act of “suicide” and “exercise masculinity and ability” while at the same time experiencing the killing of people. I believed that I would realize my desire. ..

Eight employees, including four members of the city’s Sikh community, were killed in the attack and five others were injured, police said.

According to police, Hall considered other locations for shooting, but chose the FedEx building because he was familiar with it. He also believed that this site would give him access to a large number of vulnerable victims.

Special agent Paul Keenan, who is in charge of the FBI’s Indianapolis field office, refused to disclose other potential targets.

“He knew the place well,” Keenan said. “He knew there were a lot of people out there considering the target.”

Hall had suicidal ideation “almost every day” months before the attack and attempted “multiple” suicide attempts, Keenan said. Hall suffered from mental health stressors “throughout his life,” but had never been diagnosed with a mental illness before and did not share FedEx shooting plans with family and friends.

Hall was able to legally purchase two rifles used in the shooting, even after his mother called police last year and said his son could commit “suicide by cop.”

Police seized a pump-action shotgun from an 18-year-old hall in March 2020 after receiving a call from his mother. According to the story of police probable causes from the incident, one of the police officers who responded after a teenager asked a police officer to turn off his computer also said on the hall’s computer the “white supremacist web.” I witnessed the “site”.

Keenan said Wednesday in a FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit survey that Hall was seeing “WWII, Nazi-like propaganda” on his computer, but with prejudice and desire to move his ideology forward. He said it didn’t look motivated.

“It was a very small percentage … but there were some, mostly German and Nazi, but there was no sign of hostility towards the Sikh community or other groups.” Said Keenan.

Members of the Indianapolis Sikh community pressure local and federal law enforcement agencies for months to investigate the motives of shooters, and Hall hires a majority of people of color, especially Punjab Sikhs. He emphasized concerns about choosing a location known for.

Amris Cowl, director of legal affairs at the Sikh Coalition, said it was “impossible” to know Hall’s ideas, but did not provide additional details on how police excluded bias as a possible motive. He said he was disappointed.

“It’s important to recognize that bias can be a factor in addition to these other issues,” Cowl said in a statement Wednesday. “While law enforcement says the investigation is over, these questions are for all families who have lost their loved ones, survivors, the Sikh community, and others affected by the violence of hatred. It will remain forever. “

According to police, the hall entered the FedEx building shortly before 11:00 pm, talked to the guards, returned to his car in the parking lot, and recovered the two guns used in the shooting.

The hall returned to the entrance of an employee in the building and killed one FedEx employee outside. He re-entered the facility and fired weapons at employees in the entrance area. The hall was unable to enter the building any further, but police said it fired “several bullets” at the victims over the security gate.

“He was very indiscriminate in target selection,” said Craig McCart, deputy director of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.

When Hall left the FedEx building for the second time, he continued shooting in the parking lot, attacking a few more casualties. An unidentified employee was able to retrieve a personal gun from his car and fire a bullet in a parking lot hall. Employees fled the area and called 911 because the round couldn’t be pierced.

When Hall last entered the building for the third time, he committed suicide with a gun. The hall was on site in just over 10 minutes. Shooting took less than 4 minutes.

Hall is a former FedEx employee and last worked for the company in 2020. Police said Hall did not find any signs of hostility to FedEx, McCart said. .. “

Preparations for the attack probably began in July 2020, McCart continued. It was then that Hall purchased the HM Defense HM15F, just months after police seized the pump-action shotgun. After that, I bought the Ruger AR-556 in September and used it at the time of shooting.

Marion County prosecutor Ryan Mears has since faced sharp criticism of choosing not to pursue court hearings that could prevent Hall from accessing guns.

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