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With the wider range of supplies, shrooms direct come up with golden emperor lemon Tek Gummies for their clients. Each gummies contain approx a half gram of the most popular psilocybes. In their lemon tek gummies, they have a faster but shorter trip. Shrooms online with easy payment options available for all countries we deliver to major countries like India, France, Russia, UK, Germany, Australia, Dubai including free shipping on all orders over $150. We can maintain an excellent reputation in front of our clients.

Ingredients of lemon tek gummies


It’s a translucent colorless flavorless food ingredient commonly drives from collagen taken from the animal body part, commonly used as a gelling agent in food, medicines, vitamin capsules, drugs, photogenic films, and cosmetics.


Soluble carbohydrates for sweet-tasting in lemon tek gummies.

Lemon juice:-

For flavor in lemon tek gummies.

Magic mushrooms:-

0.7 g of it per individual gummy candy.

You can get golden emperor lemon tek gummies on booking shroom varieties now supply in a wide range all over the world. Its origin is in Florida you can book it from its site and the best part is you can also so select your strength level and dose according to the need.

What is a golden emperor:-

Golden emperor or golden teacher is found during the 1980s but nobody is sure of the exact origin. It looks like a golden color that’s why it’s known as golden emperor or golden teacher. It is so energetic that one dose under 1 gram can expect a gentle energetic list that takes between 15 minutes to an hour if you go dose up by two grams main leads to near out of body experience and you can feel the peak.

In shroom direct, if you don’t want golden teacher there are many varieties like magic mushrooms, edibles, or shroom chocolates. If you think that these things are not that much for you can try penis envy mushrooms.


Dried shrooms:-

We direct provide the best magic mushroom in Canada. Here dried shrooms are made of mushrooms after a selection of fantastic psilocybin. Our magic mushrooms are grown with lots of care and look after of it then it becomes magic mushroom today for you. We started a movement named shroom in Canada in 2017.

Shroom edibles

These are the cannabis-based food product in shroom direct we have all varieties are from gummies to brownies. In all of them, marijuana’s active ingredient THC and CBD is included. Edibles mostly take around 30 to 60 minutes to kick in. Many factors also depend on time to kick in. Whereas gums and lollipops can kick in faster because it absorbed sublingually.

Shroom teas.:-

This product is really simple for intake because it’s a liquid product. You just have to take a sip and let the magic kick in. Yes you can buy magic mushroom tea by stores or you can book 8 and we will deliver at your door. Shroom tea has different benefits from other products on this site like it is tastier than other products, it goes easy on the stomach, it absorbs faster.

You can shop in these categories:-


The capsule-based version of psilocybin is sold in adventure packs of 3 or 7. It’s easy to take and gives the same result just like magic mushrooms. It’s also known as microdose mushrooms.


In this category we have different types of edibles like golden emperor lemon tek gummies, shrooms chocolate, Transkei lemon Tek Rasberry gummies, strawberry shrooms gummies e.t.c

These are the best to buy on our list of many amazing things. And among all these things lemon tek which in our store known as golden emperor lemon tek gummies.

We are the number one site for shrooms online in Canada. We sell the gift of nature to humankind filled with psilocybin. After taking our product you will feel the change in environment, the world around you, your thoughts, and feel the vibrations of nature illusions and in short, you will go into the world of imagination created by you. You will feel different you and yourself you get your vision clear and creativity flow in your mind. You can’t get this type of magic in any other type of product other than our Store. We are happy that we also provide healthcare. Feel enlighted to hear from all medical professionals who are interested to join our network and work with us. We’re here to help integrate our product into your practice. You can check our site to get connect with our team or ask queries to our customer care to know more about our products and different questions.

How to check whether it is a quality product or not:-

Magic mushroom comes in many varieties and different classes so it’s really hard to find out the quality of the product and whether it is good or harmful to you. Psilocybin cubensis is very common to sell on sites and you can check a very large range of different varieties across the globe. They are merged with very low-class quality and little amount of premium quality. Research shows that there are more than 200 different types of psilocybe cubensis that we know of. So the conclusion is you have to check do strains are cut from the exact same fabric and you have to check the correct stain of magic mushroom.

We give the best product across the world and you can check it by yourself. Magic will go through golden emperor lemon tek gummies to your stomach and then in your mind and next, you will be on clouds.

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