‘Is Tom Selleck Gay?’ A Complete Look At The Facts

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Is tom selleck gay? Thomas William Selleck is an American actor and film producer who has starred in a number of blockbuster movies and has produced a number of good movies. The actor is 75 years old and is in good health. Many controversies had captivated him in the past regarding his sexuality and his sexual preference.

Tom Selleck Personal Life

Tom was married to model Jacqueline Ray. He also adopted her son Kevin Shepard. They together have one daughter Hannah who was born in 1988. Selleck reportedly divorced his wife in 1982 and married Jillie Mack in 1987. 

Tom Selleck is the heartthrob or American cinema. He has starred in blockbuster movies and the audience still loves him. He starred in the hit television series CBS crime drama Magnum. P.I. the series ran from 1980 to 1988. For eight years Selleck managed to attain a lot of fame and success.

Selleck also appeared on the big screen. His biggest role being Peter Mitchell in the 1987 box office hit called three men and a baby.

Selleck likes to avoid paparazzi as much as he can and stays as far from limelight as much as possible. But no celebrity can of course escape the paparazzi! We know that Selleck lives on a 65 acre California ranch with 1500 native avocado trees!

He’s also an accomplished indoor and beach volleyball player as well as former minority owner of the Detroit Tigers baseball team.

Is Tom Selleck Gay

The 75 year old American actor and producer has had it pretty rough when his sexual orientation was questioned 1991. A story in The Globe was published regarding his sexual preference. He was called a homosexual.

The actor denied all such rumours and even pursued a 20 million dollar lawsuit against a tabloid to put an end to the speculation. After this controversy the actor took to the social platform for addressing the audience and said:

“I am as proud of my sexual preference as those who happen to be gay are of theirs.”

“There is not a man who has loved on the face of the earth in my lifetime who can truthfully deny what is so obviously my choice; that is, that I am singularly heterosexual.”


The actor faced tough circumstances while dealing with such comments. However he cleared everything in his interview stating that he is not gay. Rather he respected all those who were either gay or were having troubles coming out as one to the world.

Seems like even celebrities have to go through rough patches in life! Having money doesn’t always solves all the problems. Sometimes you just have to solve few things yourself by addressing your situation clearly to the world. Tom Selleck happens to be an outstanding famous actor, his personality faced immense threat regarding his sexual preferences. The actor is now 75 and is not facing anymore of such issues and allegations.

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