Jemma Lucy’s EXTREME Plastic Surgery Transformation

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When did it all begin?

Jemma Lucy may have made her career on Ex-On-The-Beach and as a Celebrity Big Brother housemate, but she’s just as well known for her DGAF attitude and unique look.

Whenever the name Jemma Lucy pops up, you would be 100% forgiven for thinking of tattoos, some questionable EOTB behavior, and her once going to McDonald’s without trousers.

So, what did Jemma Lucy look like before plastic surgery? And, would we even recognise young Jemma on the tube?

Jemma Lucy before

The reality kween didn’t make her TV debut on Ex On The Beach. Tssk, do you not know your celeb gossip?

Jemma actually started her telly career on Brat Camp, the show where despairing parents would send their unruly teenagers. Naturally, we are surprised. Jemma… a naughty child? We never would have guessed.

Here’s what Jemma Lucy looked like in Brat Camp:

Jemma Lucy

Jemma Lucy on Signed by Katie Price

Jemma Lucy and Katie Price actually used to be pals. Now, of course, they despise each other. We could write a dissertation into the fallout between Katie and Jemma, but the nub and gist are – Katie Price called her “nothing” and Jemma Lucy was rumored to have shagged Kieran Hayler.

But, before the drama, Jemma Lucy appeared on Katie Price’s reality TV show Signed.

Jemma Lucy


Jemma Lucy

So, what plastic surgery has Jemma had done?

Join us, on a journey through Jemma’s cosmetic adventures…

Jemma Lucy boob job

Jemma’s first boob job took her from her natural size to G cup, and she’s since gone even bigger.

A surgeon at London-based cosmetic surgery clinic MYA told heat, “It has previously been confirmed that Jemma underwent multiple breast procedures to gain the large size she now has. We assume she opted for a round implant to create the more ‘fake’ appearance, as is the style for some people.”

Jemma Lucy lip fillers

Jemma Lucy

Big pouty lips are everywhere and Jemma Lucy is no exception.

The star has made it clear from the start that au naturale is just not her thing. That’s fair.

MYA commented on her lip surgery, “Jemma has also confirmed undergoing non-surgical treatments such as lip fillers; choosing to go for a more extreme fullness rather than a natural look, which again is a patient’s personal choice.”

Jemma Lucy’s tattoos

The telly star has more tattoos than we have had hot dinners/Bumble dates/’are you still watching?’ messages from Netflix.

She’s even had her arch nemesis Katie Price’s face tattooed on her inside leg (natch) which in 2019 she had covered with a new tattoo of a horse.

When she became a mum in May 2019, she had the name of her daughter tattooed on her face.

Jemma Lucy’s Brazilian butt lift surgery:

Jemma Lucy

Jemma has had the controversial surgery – which has a death rate as high as one in every 3,000 patients – three times in three years.

“A Brazilian butt lift, otherwise known as fat transfer to the buttocks can be an option for woman wanting fuller buttocks without an implant,” writes one reputable clinic on it’s website. “The fat is transferred from a less desirable area of the patient’s body (Jemma told followers that this would be taken from her stomach – a common area for this procedure) and put into the buttocks.”

Jemma Lucy

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