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OBS or OBS Studio is a free open-recording software which is released in September 2012 and has been updating regularly to improve user’s experience. Recently, in many forums, we received a bunch of complaints of users about OBS’s errors such as OBS Black Screen or OBS studio black screen. So, on this page, we have some solutions for this issue and can try any of them to fix Black screen Game capture OBS’s problem.

What is OBS?

OBS stands for Open Broadcaster Software – a free-recording tool which allows users to capture and record what is being displayed on computer’s screen. Especially, It is extremely popular in gaming communities because it can help gamers not only to record videos but also broadcast them to a group of unknown audience for free so that they can reveal their game strategies as well as gain publicity.

What is The OBS capture window black error?

This is a common problem that happens when OBS users start streaming on Twitch and want to capture footage from the Chrome window on their desktop, but it just displays a black screen in their broadcasts. This makes the viewers cannot see what the streamer is playing, what they are looking at on Chrome, and even features of the stream that rely upon Chrome window capture will not be available.

So, now we will show you How to solve OBS Game Capture showing Black Window and make OBS capture the footage in your windows properly.

Method 1: Repair OBS game capture black issue by running OBS as an administrator.

The first suggestion for fixing this error is to run OBS as an administrator. In fact, perhaps, there are several features being blocking by the Windows System that lead to this issue. Therefore, running this program as an administrator can make full use of its features, and will not be blocked by other programs.

Step 1: You right-click on OBS’s icon ( maybe it is list on the Computer’s file).

Step 2: You choose properties.

Step 3: It appears several menus in the properties. You need to click on the compatibility menu.

Select “Run this program as an administrator”, press OK.

Step 4: you stick on the option “Run this program as an administrator”, and press OK.

Method 2: Solve OBS black Screen by switching OBS’s GPU

Sometimes, the OBS software and the game that you want to record are running on different graphics cards. If they are on separate adapters, the image of the game cannot be seen since it is not available on the device OBS is on. Therefore, OBS and the target game have to run on the same graphics adapter to get a proper capture.

Step 1: you have to shut OBS

Step 2: you run the NVIDIA Control Panel and choose Manage 3D settings.

Solve OBS black Screen by Switching OBS’s GPU

Step 3: After that, you click Program Settings and head to the option “select a program to customize” in the right panel. Then, click the button Add.

Step 4: you click Browse and go to OBS.exe, then right-click on the OBS icon and select “Open file location”.

Step 5: you choose the “High-performance NVIDIA processor” and click Apply.

Step 6: Finally, close the NVIDIA Control Panel and restart OBS to see if the screen is still black or not.

Method 3: Fix OBS Studio Black Screen by enabling the Compatibility Mode

If the two above ways do not work for you, we will guide you one more method below. Perhaps, the compatibility problems with the running apps can cause the OBS black screen problem, so that you have to enable OBS’s compatibility mode to fix it.

Step 1: You have to tap on “Start” and search OSB Studio

Step 2: After right-clicking on the OBS icon you choose Properties.

Step 3: Under the Compatibility mode, you select Run this program in compatibility mode for, now you can choose the system that you want to compatible with.

Step 4: Click Apply to save the changes

Overall, we hope that you can get rid of the OBS studio black Screen by the above-mentioned ways. Let enjoy OBS-amazing tools for screen recording.

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